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Good Samaritan Risks His Life To Help Stranded Mom And Kids

Hear why he'd do it again, despite a concussion and broken ribs!

Sometimes you look back at something afterwards and say God (if that's what you believe) or fate was in that moment. It's a good way to describe something that happened in Philadelphia last week.

Shauntae Brown was driving with her two sons, ages 4 and 8, when their van broke down in the left lane of busy Platt Bridge. It was pitch dark. As drivers swerved to narrowly miss the van, Brown dialed 9-1-1. "The dispatcher was telling me to stay in the car," Brown told WPVI-TV reporter Maggie Kent. "But I was telling the dispatcher it was too dangerous because there were only two lanes, and the other cars couldn't see my car."

Maggie Kent/Twitter

That's when Lou Gusbar and his friend Maria spotted the family and pulled over to help. Gusbar, who is a Business Manager at nearby Temple University, quickly got the family out of their van and hustled everyone over to a safe area. "After some cars were swerving and going too fast — we were all scared so we knew we had to get those kids out of there," Gusbar told CBS2.

Things took a potentially terrible turn when Gusbar decided to go back and get his car to drive everyone to safety. Just as he bent down to turn on the van's flashers, an oncoming vehicle crashed into the van, which burst into flames. "I don't remember much after that - the next couple hours are blurry," Gusbar told WPVI.
Gusbar was rushed to the hospital with broken ribs and a concussion, but doctors say he'll be OK. And despite his harrowing experience, he told reporter Kent he would do it again.

Maggie Kent/Twitter

"I just stopped and did what I think most people would have done. It turned out to be the right thing. If I didn't, who knows what would have happened," Gusbar told CBS2.

Brown is grateful. "It really was like he was heaven sent. in this time and age nobody wants to pull over and help. He just took a leap of faith."

How can you start something good?

While we wouldn't suggest you put yourself in danger like Lou Gusbar did, sometimes you've got to take a "leap of faith" to make a difference! Why not take a moment to say hello to a stranger, or do an act of kindness for someone who looks like they need it?

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