Good Deeds

A Good Deed For A Disabled Man In Need

He reached out to Mr. Good Deeds when no one would help him with his car and we stepped up.

It seemed like such a simple request. Jim just needed someone to drive his car to the shop.

When he couldn't find anyone willing to help, he reached out to Pittsburgh Good Deeds.

You see, Jim is disabled and wanted to install a remote starter on his car that he uses only for emergencies and doctors appointments. But he couldn't sit by himself for hours waiting for the job to be done.

Jim needed the remote starter to make sure his battery doesn't die, since he uses his car so infrequently.

I was happy to oblige.

I started by installing a solar charger, to help charge Jim's battery in a pinch. He was afraid to rely on the charger alone, though, because he parks in a shaded area.

Jim's car awaits service at an auto shop about 20 minutes away from his home.

Then, I drove Jim's car from his apartment in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood, and dropped it off at an auto body shop about 20 minutes away in Homestead to get the remote starter installed. I returned the next day to pick up the car and return it to Jim. Good deed accomplished!

A few hours out of my day to help someone else. That's what being a Deedzer is all about.

How can you start something good?

Are you interested in becoming a part of our Deedzer network? Sign-up to volunteer, and connect with people who need your help today.

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