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Give This Guy A Raise! FedEx Driver Delivers Sweet Birthday Surprise

Hear what happened when his kind act went viral.

For a six-year-old, being stuck inside all day has got to be tough. But, being in quarantine on your birthday? That's the pits.

Emma Paternoster was supposed to have a party with all of her friends and family when she turned six last Thursday. Instead, she was stuck at home due to the coronavirus restrictions.

Here's Lyle and Liz Paternoster and their two daughters. Emma, the birthday girl, is on the right. Liz Paternoster/Facebook

So, when a Fed Ex driver arrived to her home with packages, Emma rushed to the door wearing a pink birthday tutu to see if he was dropping off her presents. She was disappointed when she found out it was just a package for her father.

Emma's mother Liz apologized to the delivery guy and said, "We may be seeing a lot of you today, it's her birthday!"

The driver laughed it off, said happy birthday to the little girl and was on his way.

About an hour later, the same driver returned to the Paternoster's house. He didn't have another package, but he wanted to drop off a few Dairy Queen cupcakes for Emma.

"I felt kind of bamboozled! We had never met him before this day," Liz told News 8 of the surprise act of kindness.

The driver simply dropped off the cupcakes, said happy birthday and went on his way. @Mrs_ConCon1787

Liz told him that he didn't have to bring back anything, but the driver said he felt bad, and that she should be at school celebrating with her friends.

Liz, who comes from a family of huggers, said it was difficult to stay six feet away when she just wanted to give the man a hug.

After the driver left, Liz shared a few photos and a short video clip her husband had captured on social media, hoping to find out the driver's name so that they could thank him properly.

After the tweet was shared thousands of times, a man responded to say that the driver in the video was his father, Jordan Price.

Once the driver's identity was known, dozens of people reached out to share their own stories about Price's kindness, and how he loves to do things for others.

The Paternosters arranged a meeting with Price to show them their appreciation for what he did. They even decorated their front door in advance with signs that read, "Thank You, Mr. Price," and "You're Our Hero."

"He really, truly is a hero," Liz said. "I mean, they're so busy right now. And to still think of others, even those that you don't even know, is inspiring."

We love stories of sweet and unexpected acts of kindness. And Liz is right, Mr. Price should get a bonus for going above and beyond his duties to make sure a little girl who was stuck inside on her birthday had a special treat to celebrate!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Mr. Price's good deed?

You might not be a delivery driver, but you can still show kindness to the people you see every day. Surprise your mail-carrier with fresh baked cookies or leave a sweet gift on your elderly neighbor's porch. There's no act too small when the goal is bringing smiles to others.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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