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Gibson Replacing Guitars Lost Or Damaged By Nashville Tornadoes

The famous guitar company is making sure the city's music scene stays strong despite the disaster.

Residents of Nashville, TN and the surrounding area are recovering after a series of recent tornadoes killed at least 24 people and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings.

While the community struggles to rebuild what was lost, one music company is making sure one of the city's biggest traditions is being taken care of.

Gibson, a well-known guitar manufacturer in Nashville, has pledged to replace any guitars that were lost or damaged in the storm. The company, known for creating the famous 'Les Paul' guitar model, has been providing instruments to music icons like Jimmy Page and Ace Frehley for over 120 years.

Many famous musicians (including Slash from Guns n Roses) play Gibson guitars. Gibson/Facebook

"Our goal is to get a guitar back into the hands of anyone who has had their guitar damaged or destroyed in the recent Tennessee storm," Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director of Gibson Gives, shared in a Facebook post.

The company will provide demo models, prototypes or used electric and acoustic guitars to anyone that reaches out to them for a replacement instrument.

Nashville has long been known as "Music City" thanks to the many legendary music venues there, including the Grand Ole Opry, home to the longest-running radio broadcast in music history. Gibson's guitars for musician's relief program is just one of the many efforts being made by country music legends to help their hometown.

Dozens of Nashville music venues were damaged in the storm. Gibson/Facebook

Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Chris Young and Taylor Swift are just a few of the artists that have donated money or are holding benefit concerts to raise funds for disaster relief.

Guitar fans nationwide commented on Gibson's post announcing they would be donating guitars to victims of the storm.

"This is awesome," Melissa Waller Longshore wrote. "My son has a Gibson electric guitar. It is his first guitar & he loves it. I think it is wonderful that Gibson is so supportive of those who are musicians in Nashville."

"I live in Putnam County, and have most of my life," Matthew Dyer commented. "I was fortunate enough to be personally unaffected by the storms, but the effect on this community is obviously massive and I want to take the time to tell anyone at Gibson that might be reading these comments that I think this is a truly wonderful thing you're doing for people. I want to let you know that you have earned a customer today. The next guitar I buy will be a Gibson, whenever that may be, to show my appreciation."

Nashville musicians have been getting together to raise awareness about the storm. @marctaylor17

Kudos to Gibson for stepping up to help keep the roots of Music City strong. Hopefully more companies will take their lead and offer their support to those affected by the tornadoes.

Anyone who lost a guitar in the storm can reach out to Gibson for a new guitar by emailing

How can you start something good?

There are plenty of ways that you can help victims of the Nashville tornadoes.

If you're in the Nashville area, you can donate items such as gloves, trash bags and box cutters to the Community Resource Center.

You can register to volunteer with Samaritan's Purse International Relief to help clean-up efforts in the hardest hit areas.

Second Harvest Food Bank has opportunities to donate and volunteer. Follow them to keep updated!

If you're NOT in the Nashville area, and would still like to help out, consider donating to any of the following organizations:

Text RELIEF2020 to 41444 to donate to United Way relief fund.

Nashville area Red Cross

MUTTNation Disaster Relief Foundation

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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