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Getting What it Means to Make a Difference

These two guys didn't hesitate when I asked them to help someone they don't even know. It's in their DNA.

Pat Molyneaux and Robert Levin don't know each other. I don't think they've ever met. But talk to them for a bit. They could be twin sons of different mothers.

Pat is in the flooring business. It's his life. It was his father's life. Molyneaux is a brand people in Pittsburgh all know. The company jingle is sweet! Feel the comfort of home. Get to know Molyneaux.

Robert Levin (center) being generous to someone, as he often is.

Robert Levin just retired from the furniture business, but it's in his blood. The Levin family has been selling furniture for nearly 100 years, with commercials that are ubiquitous. Robert Levin is known for his kindness.

I called Pat looking for carpet. I called Robert for furniture. Here's why.

Nick Ursta is fighting for his life. His mesothelioma is spreading. We need to get him into the home we are rebuilding for him ASAP. Our goal? The end of October. Nick was a volunteer at Ground Zero after 9/11. It's where he was exposed to and breathed toxic dust and how he got the cancer. We owe him this house.

The house is so close to being finished. All it needs now is carpeting and furniture.

The Ursta project needs a lot of carpeting and a lot of furniture.

Pat Molyneaux didn't hesitate. His text came fast. "Marty, I'm in. Glory to God. Helping people flourish Is my life's calling. I created a non profit to help people become a better version of themselves." Eight rooms of carpet will be installed in the Ursta home sometime next week.

Pat Molyneaux immediately said "yes" when I called.

Robert Levin. Just as philanthropic. I told him the Ursta story. He asked for my address. Remember. Robert retired over a year ago. "I'll send you a bunch of gift certificates Marty. I'd love to help." Help! He sent thousands of dollars worth of Levin Furniture gift certificates. No questions asked. The Ursta's will pick out their furniture sometime next week.

Two strangers. One mission. Make a difference. Pat Molyneux will be at the Ursta house. He will help install the carpet. Robert Levin will meet us at a store... help the Urstas pick furniture.

Look. I know what you're saying. They're rich guys. It's easy for them! Not so fast. We all have opportunity. We all have wealth. Wealth of knowledge. A particular skill. A sense of volunteerism.

"We must become change we want to see in the world " - Mahatma Gandhi.

Ten words. A lot of meaning. "It's what we do here at Sparkt. Start Something Good. Why not join us? Do something kind for a stranger today, help a neighbor who needs it. It's not that hard and you'll feel good when you're done.

P.S. Thanks Pat and Robert! You get it.

How can you start something good?
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