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"Game of Thrones" Fans Find Ways to Fulfill Their Fantasies

Including a "pop-up" bar in downtown Pittsburgh with a costume party Sunday

Fans of the HBO medieval fantasy epic Game of Thrones are looking forward to the premiere of the 8th and final season on Sunday with great anticipation, and so are marketers. They've got everything to strike your GoT fancy, from trips that let you act out your fantasies, to places where you can sip cocktails while dressed as your favorite character. Here are some we found:

Bar(s) of Thrones

A pop-up bar, Bar of Thrones in downtown Pittsburgh has been transformed into a dark and slightly creepy fantasy world, with a full a full map of Westeros behind the DJ, and a wall of faces like the ones the Faceless Men from the show use to conceal their identities (they're the molded faces of Bar of Thrones' staff).

Bartenders pose in front of a replica of the Weirwood trees from Winterfell (Bar of Thrones Instagram)

"We have a line waiting to get in every night that we've been open," Bob Wilfinger, owner of MW Hospitality, told KDKA radio. "It's been amazing." The bar has a huge party planned for Sunday, including a costume contest that will award prizes for best female and best male costume. The specially designed Game of Thrones cocktails will be flowing.

The aptly named "Yinzerfell" cocktail is a mix of Smirnoff vodka, honey, lemon and green tea

Profits from sale of two of the themed cocktails. The Bastard and the Dragon Fire will be donated to I Carry My Sister's Heart, which provides support for families dealing with cancer. Bar of Thrones is located just off Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, at 268 Forbes Ave. It will be open through the end of the show's season, May 19.

Bar 3 in Millvale also has a Game of Thrones theme going from today through Sunday. That's their piece of artwork, crafted like the back of the throne in the show, at the top of this story. They'll be featuring special cocktails like the "Mother of Dragon" (rose and dragonfruit) and GoT episodes playing on a 100" TV.

Johnnie Walker White Walker Whiskey

If you'd prefer to celebrate with an at-home viewing party, there are plenty of wines, ales and whiskeys that fit the theme, which is appropriate since everyone on the show drinks."I don't think you can possibly make it through an episode where someone [on-screen] is not drunk," Marissa DiBartolo, the editor-in-chef of The Pop Insider told Marketwatch .

Freezing this bottle of whiskey will bring out a secret message for GoT fans

One alcoholic offering is a whiskey, White Walker by Johnnie Walker, named for the humanoid creatures on the show. It has different "flavor notes" than their regular whiskey, like caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries. And the company's website says the limited edition bottle "utilizes thermochromic ink to give fans a frosty surprise message when frozen."

Winterfell Tours

If you've got an unquenchable obsession with Game of Thrones and a lot of money to feed it, a trip to Ireland's premier Game of Thrones visitor attraction might be in order. Just 40 minutes from Belfast, their website says , you can "explore over 20 key Game of Thrones tour filming location hotspots on the ancient sprawling demesne of Old Castle Ward including Winterfell Castle and the tower Bran Stark 'fell' from." There are bike tours of filming locations, an archery movie set experience, and you can even meet the actual Direwolf dogs.

Guided tours let you visit the sites in Ireland where GoT was filmed

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