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From Guardian Angel To Godfather: How The Cop Who Saved A Baby’s Life Just Got A New Title

A year after his heroic act, the baby's mother surprised him and his wife in the sweetest way possible.

Sometimes friendships form when you least expect them to. Kemira Boyd knows this all too well.

We introduced you to Boyd and Berkeley County Sheriff's Deputy Will Kimbro about a year ago, when they met on the scariest day of the South Carolina mom's life.

Deputy Kimbro saw Boyd speeding. He pulled her over. Only then did he realize she was rushing to the hospital because her 12-day-old baby was struggling to breathe.

Deputy Kimbro helped save little Ryleigh's life when she was just 12 days old. Kemira Boyd/Facebook

Read the original Sparkt story and watch the dramatic rescue video here: Sheriff's Deputy Saves Baby, All Caught on Body Cam

Kimbro's body cam recorded the tense few minutes that passed as he performed CPR and other life saving measures to get the baby, whose name is Ryleigh, breathing again. The paramedics arrived and rushed Ryleigh to the hospital where she was treated and released.

Kimbro was praised by the community and the police department for his swift actions to save the child, and he was even awarded a 'Life-Saving Medal' for his heroic actions.

Kimbro and Boyd have stayed in touch and the deputy and his wife have gotten to know and treasure their relationship with Ryleigh. Kemira Boyd/Facebook

After the incident, Boyd and Kimbro stayed in touch, and he and his wife Carole have been a big part of Ryleigh's life for the past year. So, after the couple was invited to celebrate Ryleigh's first birthday party, Boyd surprised Kimbro and Carole at their home and gave them a few gifts that revealed a big surprise.

In a touching moment captured on video, Kimbro and Carole opened scratch off cards that revealed the message, ""Will you be my godfather (and godmother)?"

The two were ecstatic and immediately answered, "Yes!"

"What an honor!" Carole said excitedly.

Boyd also gave the couple a few framed photos of baby Ryleigh with her hero and t-shirts that read "Promoted to Goddad" and "Promoted to Godmother."

Kimbro and his wife Carole immediately agreed to be the little girl's godparents. Kemira Boyd/Facebook

While both families are extremely grateful that their paths crossed, Kimbro says he'll never know for sure what led him to be the person who saved Ryleigh's life.

"Throughout the year, I reflected many times and in particular that day," Kimbro told WCIV. "I always asked myself, what was the reason I went down that street? There were five, six, seven other streets I could have gone down before going down that particular road. I could never answer that question. I just stopped trying. God works in mysterious ways."

What an amazing story of the power of friendship and fate. We're sure that Kimbro will always be a hero in Ryleigh's eyes!

Happy 1st birthday to Ryleigh! While she might not know it now, she'll always have her hero/guardian angel by her side. Kemira Boyd/Facebook

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