Football Fan's "I Need a Kidney" Sign Gets Overwhelming Response

People from as far as the Netherlands are pitching in to help him reach his goal.

Last weekend Marcus Edwards and his wife Shantel attended a Chicago Bears football game at Soldier Field. While Edwards was thrilled to see his favorite sports team play, he had another reason for attending the game that day.

After experiencing acute kidney failure in June, Edwards was told that he needed a transplant in order to survive. So, with the possibility of getting the attention of the thousands of people who were at the game, Edwards came up with the idea to hold up a sign with the message, "I Need A Kidney," along with his blood type and phone number written on it. He hoped that a cameraman might catch it and help spread the news of his dire situation.

While his sign wasn't broadcast on TV, he did meet quite a few people in the stands who wanted to help him reach his goal. One of those people was Jessica Jenkins. Jenkins noticed Edwards' attempt to get the attention of the cameraman, and she took a photo of his sign and shared it to social media with the hashtag #GetMarcusAKidney.

(Source: Jessica Jenkins Facebook )

Jenkins learned that since Edwards needs to be on dialysis five days a week, Shantel has been helping her husband and taking care of the needs of their four children, all while working a full time job.

"As a father, it is a challenge to watch his children cope with the challenges that they are facing with the medical condition at hand, the long term issues along with his diabetes, and finances," Jenkins wrote in a Facebook post . "His wife and his children are the catalyst that keep him pushing on. They do what they can to find normalcy and routine as they tackle the challenges together."

Jenkins even set up a GoFundMe page for the family to help offset the costs that come along with Edwards' treatment and medications. Edwards' blood type is O-positive and Jenkins shared information on how people can get tested to see if they'd be a match for him.

Thanks to Jenkins' post, Edwards has gotten over 1,000 text messages and has hundreds of missed calls and voicemails on his phone. Comments and shares have been pouring in and several media outlets have picked up the story. Many people have already inquired about getting tested to see if they're a match.

"Your responses have been amazing! I told you we could do this! THANK you," she wrote. Marcus has responded to over 1,000 text messages and has hundreds of missed calls that he's trying to return as he can. His voicemail is currently full and working on it!

Jenkins went on to say that, moving forward, people should reach out to the Living Donor Program if they're interested in becoming a donor.

What an incredible story about the kindness of others. We hope that Edwards finds a match soon!

You can contribute to the Edwards family's GoFundMe campaign by clicking here .

If you'd like to be considered as a donor, please contact the Living Donor Program and let them know that you're calling on behalf of Marcus Edwards of Jeffersonville, Indiana. The phone number is: 1-859-323-2467. Even if you're not a match for Edwards, you could be matched with another candidate who needs a transplant.

If you'd like more information on becoming a living donor, click here . Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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