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Fixed Income Kept Man From Preparing For Isolation Until This Happened

Watch as Marty Griffin delivers a surprise to a man who couldn't prepare for the coronavirus lockdown.

It's no secret that much of society lives paycheck to paycheck. When COVID-19 started to become an issue, many people stocked up on food and supplies preparing for what could be several weeks of home isolation. For those folks who simply don't have the money that was impossible, especially people who rely on government assistance or have fixed incomes.

"Tom" is living with HIV and his immune system is already compromised, placing him at even greater risk if he goes out of the house right now. He reached out to us, so we jumped in to help.

You'll notice in my interaction with Tom that we didn't get too close. That's because we're both immuno-compromised. Tom with his HIV and me following my cancer treatment. So for both our safety, we kept a friendly social distance!

Special thanks to our friends at Giant Eagle who made this surprise possible. It's a small gesture to help one man get through these tough times.

How can you start something good?

Just goes to show that even something small can be a big deal for someone who needs help.

Whether you have a gift card to spare, can afford to add an extra tip for the delivery person, or have the ability to check in on someone who's shut-in at home, all of these small things add up.

I hope you'll do your part to "Start something good" in your community at a time when your neighors really need it.

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