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Five-Year-Old with Cancer Gets Wish Granted to Work at Tattoo Shop

When a wish-granting organization found out what she wanted to be when she grew up, they knew they had to make it happen.

Most little kids answer the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" with the standard list of occupations: astronaut, teacher, or baseball player. But, five-year-old Maja's dreams are a bit more outside the box. She wants to be a tattoo artist - and last week, thanks to a non-profit organization and a local tattoo shop in Cleveland, the little girl got her wish.

Maja has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and as part of a "when I grow up" series from the Cleveland chapter of "A Special Wish," her mother told the organization that her daughter wanted to be a tattoo artist. Soon after, the vice president of the ASW foundation reached out to Voodoo Tattoo Monkey to arrange a one-day training session for Maja.

When they got the request, the team at Voodoo was happy to help. They invited Maja to join them for a day and offered her a "training" session where she got a tour of the shop and learned about the various tools the artists use when making tattoos. She was given a uniform and worked with Dave, one of the shop's owners, to create a black and white panda tattoo for her first customer, her dad. She even got to practice tattooing her name on a grapefruit!

To cap off her special day, Maja got treated to lunch at an award-winning taco restaurant, where she got to test out her new inking skills, the waitress had tattoos and she let her trace them on her arm with a marker.

The A Special Wish Cleveland Chapter shared a post about Maja's special day and included a collection of photos. The post got a lot of attention with people congratulating the foundation for making the little girl's wish come true, and many made comments in support of the tattoo shop for helping out.

One person wrote, "This is so awesome!! Now I know where to go to get my next tattoo!!"

And, judging by the smile on Maja's face in all of the photos, she's certainly found her calling.

You can make a donation to A Special Wish foundation by visiting their website .

(Source: A Special Wish Cleveland Chapter Facebook )

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