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First Grader Makes Care Packages For Senior Citizens

Age is just a number with this youngster! Wait until you hear the many other ways he's helping others in his community.

Cavanaugh Bell is doing big things to help others during the coronavirus outbreak. He's already used his own money to make "COVID-19 Carepacks" for seniors in his community, and he's purchased dozens of meals to help feed families in need.

Did we mention that Cavanaugh is only 7 years old?

The first grader has been stocking up on supplies like cleaning products, fruit, toothpaste and hygiene products to make the care packages. He used money he saved up from his last two birthdays and three Christmases to buy the items for the packs.

In a Facebook video, Cavanaugh explains why he's made over 50 COVID-19 Carepacks so far for seniors.

"I'm doing this to help out senior citizens, so they don't feel scared to go outside during the coronavirus," Cavanaugh said. "Because, don't you all love your grandmas and your parents?"

Cavanaugh said he was inspired to create the care packages after spending time with his own grandmother, who he calls his best friend. He says she has COPD and is afraid to go to the grocery store.

Here's Bell with his grandmother, who he refers to as his "best friend." Cool & Dope/Facebook

With the help of his mother, Llacey Simmons, Cavanaugh delivered the carepacks to seniors at a nearby assisted living facility.

Now that all the schools in his area are closed, Bell is helping to feed students, too. He bought canned goods, frozen pizzas and other groceries to help provide free breakfast, lunch and grab-and-go meals for families in need.

Cavanaugh donated groceries to help feed hungry families in his community. Cool & Dope/Facebook

Along with his coronavirus relief efforts, Cavanaugh runs an anti-bullying organization called 'Cool & Dope.'

The mission of the non-profit is to "eradicate all bullying and youth suicide through political and social action by [his] 18th birthday on Nov. 20, 2030."

Cavanaugh, who was bullied in preschool, said that he's channeling the negative emotions he felt into being a positive light for others. He's already accomplished more than most people three times his age, including giving a TedX Youth Talk and getting the city of Gaithersburg to dedicate February 21st as Bullying Awareness Day.

Cavanaugh worked with his community to make February 21st Bullying Awareness Day. Cool & Dope/Facebook

And it doesn't look like Cavanaugh is letting up on the positivity anytime soon. In another video posted to his page Ssunday, he stood in front of a shopping cart packed with supplies.

"What's up guys," he said with a smile. "I just bought all this food! Thank you for all your donations and your help."

Kudos to Cavanaugh for turning a negative experience into something so amazing and impactful. We can't wait to see what he does next!

How can you start something good?

You can follow Cool & Dope on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with Cavanaugh's good deeds and anti-bullying activism. You can also help him keep his relief efforts going by making a donation to Cool & Dope.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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