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Firemen Jump In To Cover For Sick Gas Station Employee

They're used to handling a variety of situations - this was something new.

Not only do firefighters save lives, but they've been known to save cats from trees, help people with their housework – one crew even took a 100-year-old woman to the state fair after she injured her ankle so she wouldn't miss her 80th year.

Last week, emergency responders in Lowell Township, MI got another skill to add to their took kits when they answered a medical call from a local gas station. An employee at the Mobil station had called 911 when he got sick while working the night shift alone.

The store's manager, Julie Morrow, said the employee called to tell her he wasn't feeling well, so she rushed to find another person to come and replace him.

The store's manager, Julie Morrow, rushed to find another person to come and replace him. But when first responders arrived to take the employee to the hospital, nobody was there to take over his shift. So, three of the firefighters stayed behind to handle the registers and help customers .

“All calls are different; you never know what you're going to get into. But no, we've never run the cash registers before," Chris Wieland of the Alto-Bowne Township Fire Department told FOX17-TV .

(Source: Alto-Bowne Township Fire Dept )

Despite their lack of experience, the responders helped customers complete transactions and pre-pay for their gas – a task they admitted was a little bit tricky.

“We had some trouble with the pre-paid gas. The car was at pump 5 and they wanted $20 on 5 and we put it into the system like we thought. And it said pump 4, so I told her she had to go move her car," Wieland said.

While Morrow didn't expect the guys to take over the shop, she was thrilled that they were able to keep customers happy.

“We told them they didn't have to, that they could shut the store down, but I guess they were having a good time," she said.


The responders acted as temporary cashiers for about twenty minutes until another worker arrived to take over.

Thankfully, the employee who was rushed to the hospital is feeling better and is back at work. Morrow said they've been able to have a good laugh over the whole experience.

As for the firefighters, they say they were just doing their jobs. And, if they ever get another call where they need to man the register, they're good to go.


Inspired by the firemen's incredible act of kindness? You might not have the opportunity to take over the cash register at a gas station, but you can be open to helping others when the need arises. Emergencies can happy anywhere, at any time. Instead of walking away, you can be the one to jump in and #StartSomethingGood.

How can you start something good?
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