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Firefighters Surprise Crew Member Fighting Coronavirus At Hospital Window

See how they went to great heights to send get well wishes to their colleague, while keeping a safe distance.

As the number of coronavirus cases in the United States grows, more and more people who are fighting on the frontlines are testing positive.

That includes firefighters, who come into contact with people who have the virus every day and often don't have the protective gear they need to protect them from exposure.

When one firefighter in Florida was hospitalized last week due to complications from the virus, his crew wanted to send him an extra special get well message to cheer him up.

MDFR members park outside of the hospital where their sick colleague is recovering from the coronavirus. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue/Facebook

On Saturday, several members of the Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue team showed up at the hospital in a fire truck. One of the crew members climbed onto the truck's ladder, and another firefighter raised him up to the fourth-floor window where their sick friend was resting.

The crew member held up cardboard signs that read "Get Well Soon" and "Your New Firehouse."

"This is love. This is the only kind of love you can get from the brother and sisterhood at the fire house. There is just no other way to explain how this makes me feel," the sick MDFR firefighter said in a Facebook video about his colleagues' sweet gesture of kindness.

The firefighter had been in the hospital for over a week recovering from Covid-19. After being in isolation for so long, he said he felt "joyful" and "instantly connected" to his colleagues when he saw them pull up in the truck outside of his window.

What an awesome way to show compassion for a sick colleague. We're sure it meant the world to him to see how much his fellow crew members cared!

MDFR members encourage residents to continue social distancing during the pandemic. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue/Facebook

How can you start something good?

There are a number of ways that YOU can help first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donate blood: Since the pandemic started, the amount of blood donors has decreased rapidly, creating a shortage for those who need it. Find a blood donation location near you using the American Association of Blood Banks or Red Cross locators.

Feed healthcare workers and first responders: Businesses in many cities in the U.S. have started programs to help get food to those fighting on the frontlines of the virus. You can donate to one of those organizations, or you can offer to grocery shop, deliver food or order takeout for responders in your area. That last option has the added benefit of supporting struggling restaurants in your area.

Donate personal protective equipment: As the virus continues to spread, first responders and healthcare workers are facing dangerous shortages of PPE. If you have access to any supplies, like masks or gloves, you can contact healthcare facilities and fire stations in your area to see what their needs are.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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