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Finding Some Hope In The Fear Over Coronavirus

Neighbors are helping neighbors during this difficult time. That's good news. What are you doing?

Stepped outside early this morning and found a beautiful layer of snow on the ground. Tucked off into the the corner of our yard... daffodils were peaking out from under the thin blanket of snow. It's beautiful.

I posted to Twitter. "Poor flowers don't know what to think! Much like most of the free world this morning!"

The flowers will be fine. We will be fine.

Searching for signs of hope in these troubling times, I found it first on Facebook. A post from my brother in law Scott:

"Aside from the occasional ham tug-o-war at WalMart, I'm seeing some real good come out of this mess...[Pittsburgh hockey team] Penguins owners and players picking up arena workers lost wages...Comcast [cable] offers free internet for two months to low income families...multiple examples of neighbors, far and wide... proactively offering their personal time to help complete strangers. Keep it up's more contagious than you know what!!!"

Then there's the need. This note from an hourly employee at a school district near where I live outside of Pittsburgh:

"Marty. Please help! School district employees need your help. We need paid. We need to know if we are getting paid. The stress is so much! I'm 30 weeks pregnant! We have multiple pregnant staff members and people who aren't going to be able to pay their bills. It's terrible! Because the government closed the schools we can't even use our paid time off days. I've been up all night worried about feeding and caring for my family...paying my bills..and surviving for a month with a three year old at home and pregnant."

Then there's this:

"Marty. I'm a 55 year male. I have an immune system that's compromised. I find myself stuck with no money and no food in my house and was wondering if you can help me? I wasn't able to prepare for what's happening."

So. I promise I will help him. I promise I will make certain the school district employee gets her compensation. We all have to step up. We must step up. It's not all about us. It's about our community and neighbors and making sure we come out of this pandemic OK.

Is your neighbor doing OK right now? You won't know unless you ask or offer your help.

Let's make this coronavirus pandemic about more than just sending amusing pics to friends of empty toilet paper shelves. While you're in the grocery store taking that picture, why not pick up something for someone who is panicking because they don't know where their next meal is coming from? Choose to make a difference. It's what we do here at Sparkt.

How can you start something good?
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