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Find Out Why This Guy Ran 20.2 Miles For High School Seniors

Without any marathons to take part in, he wanted to do something to help the students who are missing out on so much.

Young people graduating high school have been through a lot this year.

Since schools closed in March to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, they've missed out on some of the most important events of the year, including prom, senior trips and in-person graduation ceremonies.

Thankfully, people are stepping up to make sure the memories the students have made over the years will be theirs to keep, forever.

That includes Patrick Rodio, a marathon runner in Collingswood, NJ who recently ran 20.2 miles to help buy yearbooks for graduating seniors who can't afford them.

Rodio wanted to show his support for high school seniors who were missing out on some important milestones due to Covid-19.c/o Denise Guerin

The yearbooks cost $75 each, which isn't exactly affordable for some students – especially those whose families have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

So, with all of the marathons Rodio usually takes part in being canceled or postponed, he thought it was the perfect way to keep running while helping young people in his community.

"I had seen other runners still doing their marathons which is fun, but I wondered if I could tie a fundraising element into a run for my local high school since many of their fundraising events were canceled," Rodio told CNN. "So through that I thought it'd be fun to run 20.20 miles for the class of 2020!"

Rodio ran 20.2 miles to raise money to buy yearbooks for high school seniors. c/o Denise Guerin

Rodio partnered with a local non-profit to set up an online fundraiser to accompany his run, where people could donate to his cause.

On Sunday, Rodio laced up his sneakers and started off on a 20.2 mile course that weaved through local parks and past Collingswood High School, where students gathered six-feet away from each other, wearing masks and holding signs to show their support.

By Tuesday evening, over $5,000 had been raised for the yearbooks. Any extra funds will go to scholarships for students.

Students gathered wearing masks and holding signs to show their support for Rodio. c/o Denise Guerin

"This fundraiser has been a great reminder of the way our school district and community will do whatever it takes to support our students," Matthew Genna, the principal at Collingswood High School, said. "This gesture by Mr. Rodio, and all those who supported the fundraiser, was a special tribute to our seniors, who certainly deserve something special during this difficult time."

c/o Denise Guerin

As for the students, they were thrilled to see their friends and teachers again, even if it was from a distance.

"We're losing some of the classic senior moments, but we're creating some different ones," said Claudia Celia, a senior at CHS.

Thanks to Patrick Rodio, even more students will have memories that will last a lifetime.

So far the fundraiser has brought in over $5,000. c/o Denise Guerin

How can you start something good?

You can contribute to Patrick Rodio's fundraiser for the Collingswood High School Class of 2020 by clicking here.

We should all pitch in to make sure this year's high school seniors know they're appreciated. You might not be able to run a marathon, but you can show your support in other ways.

Bake cookies for a senior you know, make signs and post them in your yard, or just ask around and find out how others in your community are celebrating the class of 2020.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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