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FedEx Driver Picks Up Flag From Resident’s Front Lawn

His patriotic act of kindness is getting nationwide praise.

Along with catching package thieves and alerting homeowners of unwanted trespassers, the hundreds of thousands of hours of footage logged by doorbell cameras across the country have caught some incredible acts of kindness, many of which have been made by delivery drivers.

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Just ask Rick Guerino Jr., a Freehold, NJ resident whose Ring camera recently caught a FedEx driver's inspiring act of patriotism in front of his home.

Guerino was at work when he got an alert on his phone that someone was on his front porch. He said he was surprised, since he wasn't expecting any visitors or deliveries that day. When he saw it was a FedEx driver, he was even more intrigued.

"I didn't know what he was doing at first," Guerino told News12 NJ. "I was like, 'What are you doing?'"

He watched as the driver picked up an American flag that was strewn on Guerino's lawn. The flag had fallen earlier that day when the pole was downed by strong winds in the area.

It's what the driver did next that changed Guerino's reaction from confusion to pride.

"I see him bend down and pick up the flag. I didn't even realize my flagpole was down," Guerino said. "He picks it up and starts waving it in the air and I'm like what is he doing? Next thing I know, he folds it up, opens the door and puts it in my door."

Rick Guerino Jr./Facebook

The driver didn't just hastily fold the flag. He did the proper procedure of folding it into a triangle shape. Then, he placed the flag inside of Guerino's storm door and carefully closed it shut.

"He really respected the flag and you don't see that too often. That's what hits here," Guerino said.

Rick Guerino was surprised and pleased to see a FedEx driver fold and return the American flag that had blown into his yard.News12 New Jersey

After the incident, Guerino shared the video to his Facebook page. He also reached out to FedEx to try and find out the driver's identity so that he could thank him personally.

At the time of writing this story, the post had over 1,000 reactions and was shared 3,500 times.

Many remarked that the driver most likely has a military background or was a Boy Scout to know how to secure the flag in such an honorable way.

"I cannot believe my eyes! This is beautiful and this driver is an everyday hero that should be celebrated," Constance Ann Taft commented.

"So nice to see something respect the flag. We need more of this from all Americans," Jean Pizzoferrato wrote.

What an inspiring moment. Kudos to the Fed Ex driver for taking the time out of his day to #StartSomethingGood.

Rick Guerino Jr./Facebook

How can you start something good?
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