Farm Animals Are Crashing Zoom Meetings And We're Totally Down With It!

They're putting the "zoo" in Zoom, and bringing laughs to remote workers nationwide.

As the days of the coronavirus lockdown stretch into weeks and months, a lot of people are now working from home, including the Sparkt team.

Even though we don't have to physically go anywhere, the daily grind can seem a bit more grinding - especially when it comes to the dreaded conference call.

Yes, I said it.

While office Zoom chats are the only contact that some of us have with the outside world aside from our families, the routine can become a bit monotonous - not unlike the life of the main character in the 1993 film 'Groundhog Day' starring Bill Murray.


That's why a farm outside of Charlotte, NC has started renting out a few of their animals to 'crash' Zoom meetings.

The owners of the aptly titled 'Peas N Peace' Farm started the project to bring some much-needed humor to teams across the country who are in desperate need of a mood-booster or tension-breaker amid the seemingly endless days of conference calls during the pandemic.

According to the farm's website, the roster of "unexpected guests" you can reserve for a meeting includes Mambo, the "up-to-no-good mini donkey," a group of chickens, and Eddie, a fancy white show horse who might show up to the chat in a pretty polka-dotted fleece jacket, but "definitely won't be wearing pants."

Mark and Francie Dunlap, the married couple who own and operate Peas N Peace, charge $50 for 10 minutes of face time with the animals. You just have to contact them with the meeting information ahead of time once you schedule a conference call 'crash.'

"I think it would get some laughs," Francie told the Charlotte Observer. "The animal would make an appearance for the first five or 10 minutes ... so they could actually get along with their meeting."

The Dunlaps said that people can even choose the display name for the animal, leaving endless opportunities to poke a bit of fun at any one of your colleagues. Just send them a meeting invite and a link, and they'll arrange the rest.

The Peas N Peace brood isn't just available for office meetings. You can schedule an adorable interruption during a virtual happy hour with friends or for your next family call – the Dunlaps said they've even been contacted by teachers who want to rent the animals out for their online lessons.

We can't think of a better way to "horse" around while on the clock - and who knows? You might just learn something from your new barnyard friend. They can't be any worse at Google Sheets than Tom in accounting. (Sorry, Tom.)

How can you start something good?

Interested in booking an ass (or other farm animal) for your next work meeting?

The Dunlaps created a website where you can book and pay for a virtual meeting time.

Not only will you be helping a small farm stay afloat during the pandemic, you'll bring joy and laughter to your co-workers – and in today's seemingly endless, anxiety-inducing climate, we could all use a little cheer!

Check out the website for more information.

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