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Family Starts Clothing Line To Spread Positivity

Tired of only hearing negative things in the news, they decided to "wear" a message of encouragement.

A group of four brothers in Phoenix, AZ were tired of hearing all of the negative news about their generation. School shootings, bullying, teen suicides, drugs, the list goes on.

So, they decided to do something about it.

The Wilson brothers, Andrew Jr., Adam, Anthony, and Abram, started making t-shirts with uplifting messages to help spread positivity. They called their project Goodness Unlimited and started selling the shirts at school and at local markets, featuring different designs around the words "Goodness Unlimited," "Goodnesss," or just "GU".

The family created a line of clothing to spread positivity. Goodness Unlimited/Facebook

The message of their brand is simple: embrace what's positive and give back.

"One of the things we want to do with our brand is to bring more attention to the good in the world -- a message that was positivity in action," the oldest brother Andrew told Good Morning Arizona.

"When you wear a shirt, it's shows who you are and what you stand for. That's super cool to us!" Anthony, the second oldest, added.

Goodness Unlimited is a positive brand with an emphasis on positive actions. Goodness Unlimited/Facebook

A year later, Goodness Unlimited is growing bigger by the minute. The Wilson crew has been selling so much apparel that their parents have stepped in to help run the business.

"Inventory, the late nights, weekends, everyone pulling together, and family coming together -- there are a lot of little pieces that have to come together to make it happen, effectively," the boys' mother Erin said.

The family has turned their garage into a hub for their business where they stock products, fold shirts and keep up with inventory. But the family will be the first to tell you that their business model is about a lot more than making sales.

The brand features t-shirts, hats and stickers. Goodness Unlimited/Facebook

With every item purchased, the Wilsons have been able to give back to their community. They've donated 1,100 pounds of water to a local food bank and have partnered with several non-profits, including Feed My Starving Children, an organization that coordinates the packing, shipment and distribution of food to people in developing countries.

The Wilsons give back to the community every chance they get. Goodness Unlimited/Facebook

With the help of Phoenix Fashion Week, the Wilsons recently relaunched their brand to include hats, stickers and a few more t-shirt options – all with the same message of "positivity in action."

The Wilsons say Goodness Unlimited is more about creating a movement and less about following the latest fashion trends. They hope that people who buy and wear their products will be motivated to follow their example and spread positivity by helping others in their own communities. As it states on the brand's website, "There's no limit to the power of goodness."

Here's a video of Goodness Unlimited in action. Watch as they hand out water and popsicles to people in need in their community.

How can you start something good?

You can check out and purchase Goodness Unlimited products on their website. You can also find the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

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