Every Dog Has His Day! Car Dealership Adopts A Stray Dog And Now He’s Their Official Mascot

You have to hear how this "wags-to-riches" story came to be.

If there's one lesson to take from this story, it's this: persistence is key.

When a stray dog showed up outside of a Hyundai car dealership in Brazil, the employees thought the dog would eventually leave, but he kept returning, day after day.

Finally, the manager of the dealership, Emerson Mariano, let the dog inside for some food and water.

He never left.

The dealership decided to adopt a stray dog that kept returning to their showroom day after day. @tucson_prime

Mariano decided to keep the dog and hired him on as a "pawfessional consultant." The staff fittingly decided on the name 'Tucson Prime' for the pooch, after one of the dealership's best-selling models.

"The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already won over colleagues and customers with his sympathy," the dealership wrote in Portoguese on their Instagram page.

Check out Tucson Prime in action....seems like he *might* need a little more training!

video c/o Pr. Eujácio Faustino

Tucson's main duties include greeting customers when they arrive to the showroom and providing a bit of comic relief to the dealership's marketing efforts after they gave him his own social media account. (The four-legged influencer already has over 157,000 followers on Instagram.)

Mariano says that by adopting Tucson Prime, they're building on their reputation as a pet-friendly company while bringing attention to the serious problem of Brazil's growing population of abandoned animals.

"The company has always been pet friendly," Mariano told Top Motors Brazil. "We decided to embrace this idea in practice, too."

This very good boy is working his way up the corporate ladder - he might get that corner office soon! @tucson_prime

Since he was officially adopted by the Hyundai family, Tucson Prime has gotten an official name badge and the staff built him a dog house to hang out in while he's on the showroom floor.

Photos of Tucson at the dealership wearing a headset, interacting with customers and getting behind the wheel have been making the rounds on social media, and people all over the world have been charmed by the pup's "very caring and docile nature."

Representatives from Hyundai say that Tucson is expected to star in a national ad campaign for the car company soon.

Tucson Prime's main responsibility is greeting customers as they enter the showroom. @tucson_prime

What an inspiring story! We're happy to see that Tucson Prime is living his best life with his new family at the car dealership.

How can you start something good?

You can keep up with Tucson Prime by following his Instagram page.

If you want to help street dogs like Tucson get the care and love they need, click here.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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