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El Paso Man Invites Public to Wife's Funeral

The response has been so overwhelming, they had to move it to a bigger venue.

How does the old saying go? "A picture is worth a thousand words." For Antonio Basco, it's worth much more than that.

In a photo that has now been shared on social media over 14,000 times, Basco is pictured kneeling and weeping by a memorial in El Paso, TX. The make-shift memorial was built to honor the 22 victims who lost their lives in a mass shooting that took place at a Walmart in El Paso earlier this month. Basco lost his "angel," his wife Margie Kay Reckard, 63, in the shooting.

(Source: Perches Funeral Home Facebook )

Without any surviving family left, Basco asked Perches Funeral Homes, the company arranging his wife's memorial, to extend an invitation to the public to attend her visitation. The result has been so overwhelming that Perches has moved the location for the service from their 250-capacity home to a neighboring church. Now, over 1,000 mourners are expected to attend, including a couple that was so moved by Basco's loss that they're flying in from California to pay their respects.

(Source: Perches Funeral Home Facebook )

Since they posted the invitation, the funeral home has receiving an outpouring of support for Basco, including hundreds of phone calls and cards and over 50 floral donations.

"We're getting calls constantly, every two or three minutes," Harrison Johnson, the funeral director at Perches, told NPR . "It really surprised us."

Other local businesses are donating their time and resources for the service including a choir and mariachi band who will provide the music.

(Source: @lauritarichardson )

Reckard's funeral services will be held Friday, August 15th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at La Paz Faith Perches Funeral Home located at 1201 N. Piedras St.

You can share your condolences on Margie's online celebration wall and order flowers by visiting the Perches website .

You can send cards to the following address and the funeral home employees will make sure to pass them along to Mr. Basco:

Antonio Basco

1201 N. Piedras St.

El Paso, TX, 79930

To make a donation to any of the families that were affected by the shooting, you can reach out to El Paso organization Operation H.O.P.E , or call (915) 590-0490.

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