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‘The Rock’ Shows His Softer Side By Donating Over 700K Water Bottles To Frontline Workers

The former wrestler's heartwarming message to healthcare workers across the country might just make you shed a tear.

You might not think that a former professional wrestler-turned-actor who starred in movies like "Rampage" and the "Fast and the Furious" would have a soft spot for frontline workers, but his recent actions would prove you wrong.

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson recently partnered with the artesian water brand Voss to donate over 700,000 bottles of water to healthcare workers across the country.

Johnson spoke about the project in an Instagram video, where he said he had a message for "some very, very special people out there." He went on to thank the healthcare workers who have been "working so tirelessly day in and day out for months now" during the coronavirus pandemic.

video c/o Dwayne The Rock Johnson/Facebook

The Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Cedar Sinai in New York, facilities that were hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, were among the hospitals that received cases of Voss water along with a personal note from Johnson thanking them for their hard work.

After receiving the deliveries, staff members at the hospitals shared photos and video clips of workers cheering and shouting "Thank you" when they heard who was behind the donations.

Frontline workers cheered when they heard who was behind the water bottle donations. @vosswater

Even as cases continue to rise in some areas of the country, Johnson remained positive in his message to the workers, saying that the public will continue to work hard to prevent the virus from spreading.

"We, as non-healthcare workers, my fellow Americans and myself, we're gonna do everything that we possibly can to be disciplined, to be diligent and responsible during this time — doing everything that we can do in support you," he pledged. "And that means wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, and again, doing everything that we can. Now is the time that we have to be as diligent as we possibly can, and as disciplined as we can."

In May, Voss announced a Covid-19 relief program and delivered bottles of water to medical first responders in New York and California. Now, they're using their international reach to get water bottles to frontline workers all over the world.

Voss has been delivering bottled water to healthcare workers and non-profit organizations since the pandemic began. @vosswater

"Water is essential to life, but what's become clear during this global pandemic is just how essential our frontline workers are to everyone's survival," Glenn Hartman, Chief Executive Officer of the Americas at VOSS, said in statement. "Since we began this initiative, we learned that bottled water is among the most requested resources from frontline workers."

The Rock joined forces with Voss in 2019 and has since helped to distribute water to various causes and organizations all over the country, including sending 5,000 bottles to the Salvation Army in his home state of Georgia after the recent tornadoes.

Johnson and Voss donated bottles of water to Johnson's home state of Georgia after recent tornadoes decimated communities. @vosswater

"We are very grateful to Mr. Johnson for partnering with The Salvation Army of Georgia in Doing the Most Good," Lt. Colonel William Mockabee, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army of Georgia, said. "His kindness will go a long way to provide help and hope for people in their time of need."

Kudos to the Rock and other celebs who have been stepping up to help others during the pandemic. We're sure the workers will be forever thankful for his generous contribution.

How can you start something good?

For more information on Voss's Covid 19 relief efforts, click here.

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