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Double The Sweetness! Twin Brothers' Lemonade Stand Helps Neighbors With Sick Twin Newborns

When the boys heard about the babies who were struggling to survive, they knew their annual fundraiser had to be dedicated to them.

It's well known that twins share a special bond. Perhaps it's because they share the same DNA, or maybe it's the result of being together in the womb for so long. Either way, most twins say they have a "sixth sense," where they feel the same emotions as their sibling and can feel their pain.

That might explain why a pair of twins in Nederland, TX decided to host their annual lemonade stand to help another set of twins who are struggling with health issues after they were born prematurely.

Koby and Cooper Smith are 10-year-old fraternal twins. They've been holding a lemonade stand every year for the past five years to help people in need. Each year, they donate the money to someone in the community who is suffering from a serious ailment.

Cooper and Coby Smith hold a lemonade stand every year to help someone in need in their community. Kara Colt Smith/Facebook

"We had a neighbor down the street that had some heart complications," the boys' mom Kara Smith told the Port Arthur News. "He was in ICU and they decided to host the lemonade stand. They raised a lot of money from the neighborhood. The second was their kindergarten teacher had cancer and they donated money to him."

This year, they decided to set up shop for the Burden family, whose twins were born at just 23 weeks. Both twins survived, but the smallest one, Archie, was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) that can cause infection and destroy the large intestine.

Archie was born at just 13 ounces - making him the smallest preemie to ever survive a birth in the U.S. William and Archie's Journey/Facebook

After a gloomy diagnosis from the doctor that Archie would likely not survive, the twins' mother and father, Hayley and Hayden Burden, prepared themselves for the worst.

Then, things changed and Archie started getting better.

"It went from he had three hours left to live, to 48 hours, to a week," Hayden said. "We soaked up all the time we could and then one day, the doctor came in and said, 'the medicine is working.' It looked like he was going to pull through."

While Archie's condition was touch-and-go for a while, the Burdens never lost faith that he would survive. William and Archie's Journey/Facebook

When Koby and Cooper heard about the Burden twins they knew they wanted to help, so they put up flyers in their community, set up a tent, table and a sign that read: "Lemonade $1 - Benefit for the Burden twins."

The boys were able to raise over $800 from the sale and received over $700 more from electronic donations.

"I didn't expect a whole lot," Koby said. "I knew there was going to be some people, but not as much as we had. Maybe half."

The fundraiser for the Burden twins was the fifth lemonade stand the boys had put on. Kara Colt Smith/Facebook

The community showed up for the event in droves, with some buying drinks and others just coming by to donate to the cause.

As for the Burdens, they were incredibly touched by the kind gesture – especially since it was so unexpected.

"It meant the world to us," Hayley said. "We didn't even know they were going to do a benefit for the boys, which makes it even more special because it just let us know they were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. I also loved that the little boys who did it are twins, too. It was very special for so many different reasons."

Archie (L) and William (R) are doing great and are ready to go home at almost three months old. William and Archie's Journey/Facebook

There's nothing like people helping others simply because they like how it makes them feel. Kudos to the Smith twins for stepping up to make a difference in their neighbors' lives.

How can you start something good?

While the donation drive for the Burden family has ended, you can take some inspiration from Koby and Cooper and set up your own lemonade stand to help raise money for someone in need.

You could even start a "virtual" stand to make the event accessible to those near and far. Consider using a site like GoFundMe or create a Facebook fundraising page to collect donations.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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