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Deutschtown Music Festival - Who Not to Miss!!

The 7th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival is on July 12, 13, and 14 - ALL FREE!!!

Wow, do I love live music. I also love the Northside! If you love those things too, well then I have the perfect event for you! The 7th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival will be ripping and roaring all weekend on the Northside. As this annual festival ages, it just keeps getting bigger and better; this year over 400 mostly local and regional bands and artists will be filling the air with sweet sounds of all varieties.

I know, seeing 400 performances in just 3 days is a bit of a tall order, and well, we're all only human, right? RIGHT?! While every DMF performer is top notch and downright incredible, let me break down a short list of some that you should make sure not to miss!

SPISH Fri., 5PM, HughShows Stage at Foreland

Led by Nate Die, these pysch/inde freaks are all about the element of surprise. Their impeccable musicianship will reel you into a state of stuperfaction, and BAM!! Their antics will surely leave you speechless. Jack White only wishes he could be half as interesting as this band of weirdos.

Flower Crown Sat., 3PM, The Blacksmith Studio

Flower Crown are the kings of dream pop. Their most recent release, Sundries, washes over you with a whimsical wave of simultaneous worry and relief. If you do check them out at DMF, remember to bring your floaties, because you�ll certainly drown in their sound.

Sierra Sellers 2 PERFORMANCES: Fri., 10PM, Pittsburgh Current Stage & Sat., 8PM, HughShows Stage at Foreland

You'l have 2 chances to see Sierra Sellers! Her R&B tunes harken back to what many would consider to be a simpler time; the 90s. Her voice swoons over soft keys and leaves you feeling both nostalgic and satisfied. Lactose intolerant folks beware, her voice is as smooth as butter.

Bindley Hardware Co. Sat., 7:30PM, Highmark/Allegheny Health Network Stage

The host (Jon Bindley) of the monthly Honky-Tonk Jukebox series at the Allegheny Elks Lodge #339 in the Northside is also the charismatic leader of the region's most emblematic Rust Belt Americana group. This bouncy band will make you want to dance in your cowgirl boots, or make you want to go out and buy a pair if you don't have one already.

BBGuns Sat., 9PM, Skyline Stage

Fresh off of their recent release, Help Yourself, this indie/hip-hop duo is the hardest working pair in the Pittsburgh music scene. With JP's croons and Joel's relentless raps, BBGuns provide one of the most unique sounds I've ever heard. They also love what they do, and that is very evident in their live performances.

You can find the FULL lineup here:

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