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Dad’s YouTube Channel Is The Wholesome Content You Didn’t Know You Needed

He started making videos to help those like him who come from fractured families. Now, his practical 'dadvice' is offering much more.

Rob Kenney knows what it's like to grow up without a father. While he lived with his dad until he was a teenager, his father wasn't around a lot and their relationship was strained. Kenney vowed that his life would be different.

"My goal in my life was to raise good adults," Kenney told Shattered Magazine. "I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful. My goal in life was to raise good adults — not good children but good adults — because I had a fractured childhood."

Now that Kenney has accomplished his goal and has raised two successful children who he's very close with, he's moved on to a project that he always felt called to do.

When Kenney was in his 50's he realized that he had a lot of knowledge that he could pass on to others, not unlike the lessons a father passes on to his children. His family encouraged him to do a video series instructing others on how to do everyday tasks like ironing a shirt or unclogging a sink.

While Kenney loved the idea of creating something meaningful for those like him who come from broken families, he put off the idea for years. But, when the coronavirus happened, he was left with nothing but time.

"I had lots of excuses, but while we're in quarantine, I ran out of excuses," Kenney said. "I've been thinking about it for a while."

So, Kenney got to work making videos and posting them to his YouTube channel, called "Dad, How Do I?" with the slogan, "Practical 'Dadvice' For Everyday Tasks."

Kenney's YouTube videos teach practical lessons like how to unclog a bathtub drain. YouTube

The videos range from about two to ten minutes long and cover topics like "How to change a tire" and "How to tie a tie."

Kenney started 'Dad, How Do I?' about a month ago, and the channel has already racked up over 300,000 subscribers. The videos have hundreds of comments from people saying how helpful the videos are, especially for those without fathers.

"I lost my dad to cancer, I've been going through life wanting my dad back so badly, especially when it comes to things like this," one user wrote. "Finding this channel made me feel like I had someone to turn to again. Thank you 😭"

While Kenney's video lessons are certainly useful, he's also providing a supportive community for people who have experienced the pain and rejection that comes from losing a family member. (If you really want a good cry, just read through the comments on Kenney's videos.)

"I want it to be about everyday tasks, but I also would like to pass along some of the wisdom I've learned along the way to encourage people," Kenney said. "I thought I was just going to be showing people how to do stuff, but it's kind of resonating on a whole different level."

What an inspiring (and practical!) way to help others. We can't wait to see how "Dad, How Do I?" continues to grow!

Along with posting videos, Kenney has done a few giveaways and other contests to attract new followers. Dad, How Do I? Facebook

How can you start something good?

You can check out "Dad, How Do I?" on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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