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Couple Who Got Married At Protest Has The Best Wedding Photos Ever

While the moment wasn't expected, their union is now seen as a symbol of hope and solidarity around the world.

Kerry Anne and Michael Gordon had been planning their dream wedding for months. Then, the coronavirus happened - and like so many other engaged couples, they were forced to postpone or cancel the event.

The couple was set to get married on May 26,2020, however they decided to reschedule the wedding once businesses and venues started closing because of the pandemic. While they've scheduled a big celebration for 2021, they didn't want to hold off on being married so they opted for a "micro" wedding on June 6, 2020.

The couple, who met at a gym in Philadelphia, were together for two years before Michael proposed to Kerry Anne in front of her family and friends.

Check out the beautiful moment when the couple joined the protestors outside of their hotel...

"When I met Kerry, I knew that was a person I would love to get to know. Her energy, her aura—there was something about her," Michael told Vogue about his bride-to-be. "I knew that if I had this person around, my life would be good."

Kerry Anne, who recently finished her studies to be an ob-gyn, said the surprise proposal is just one of the many sweet gestures Michael, who works as a wireless deployment manager, has done since they met.

"Even now he still amazes me with the things he does," she said.

The couple had to reschedule their initial wedding date because of the coronavirus. Tika Aker-Lewis/Facebook

The couple decided to hold a small, intimate wedding at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia when they found out the hotel was offering their garden to couples who had to reschedule their original wedding dates due to Covid-19.

A few days before the ceremony, Kerry Ann and Michael heard there was a protest happening on the same date as their wedding.

"At first our biggest concern was rain," Kerry Anne said. "Then it became the protests."

Photos and videos of the couple's special moment spread quickly on social media. Tika Aker-Lewis/Facebook

Instead of being upset about another possible obstacle, the couple embraced the situation and decided to join the protest for their "first look," which is the moment when a couple sees each other on their wedding day before their ceremony.

"We could hear the sounds in the air. We could hear the sounds of the helicopters above us. You could almost feel the energy around you, and in addition to that, we're about to get married," Kerry Anne recalled.

Here's another clip of Kerry Anne and Michael sharing their love with the crowd of protestors...

A crowd quickly gathered around the couple, cheering and chanting "Black Lives Matter" as they posed for professional photos outside of the hotel.

Photos of the couple have gone viral as a symbol of love and unity during a time when there's a lot of division.@WMTWSteve

Photos and videos taken by bystanders quickly went viral and the couple's union is now seen as a symbol of solidarity and love around the world.

"It was the most empowering thing to be there at that moment," Michael said. "The narrative of love, of Black love, doesn't always get put out there. But that's what the movement is about, that's what we're looking for. Black love is a beautiful thing. Black love exists. Black love is powerful."

Congratulations to the happy couple. We're sure the day will be one they'll never forget!

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