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Couple Says Their Vows Online With Family Attending From Across The Globe

When they canceled their dream wedding because of the coronavirus, they came up with an even better way to celebrate.

Wedding planning is stressful enough. Throw in the uncertainty of a rising global pandemic, and it can get downright chaotic.

That's what happened to Leslie Cole and her fiancé, Greg Duenas.

The two had planned a beautiful wedding for March at a bayside venue near their home in San Diego, CA. Invitations were sent, vendors were booked and Leslie had purchased two dresses for the big day (a formal gown for the ceremony and a more casual look for the brunch they were hosting the day after the wedding).

As their wedding date grew closer, Leslie and Greg started growing concerned about the threat of the coronavirus, which had only recently started making headlines in southern CA (around the first week of March).

"At that point, it was like, you can only have gatherings of 250 people, and we had only invited 60," Leslie said during our Zoom chat. "Then it got lowered to 100 people, and then it was 50 and then only 10."

Greg's boss Jim Mahler was the couple's Zoom wedding officiant. Leslie Cole

Like so many other couples who were planning spring weddings, Leslie and Greg made the call to cancel, even before businesses started closing and the state put forward the shelter-in-place order.

"Decisions weren't made for us, and we wanted to do the responsible thing," Greg said.

After they decided to cancel the wedding, Greg's boss, who was going to be their wedding officiant anyway, suggested doing a Zoom wedding instead. Leslie and Greg agreed, and they swiftly let their guests know about their change in plans.

Sparkt got to chat with Leslie and Greg about their big day over Zoom (of course!)...

Aside from a few minor details, Leslie and Greg were more than happy with the way their big day turned out. Friends and family (including Greg's family in Guam) who might not have been able to attend in person were able to attend virtually.

The couple's neighbors even surprised them with a special set-up on their patio where they had their first dance!

Leslie's flower girl came over before the wedding and sprinkled some petals on their patio - Greg and Leslie stayed at a safe distance while she was there. Leslie Cole

When asked if they had any words of advice for other couples who are planning Zoom weddings, Greg's words of wisdom were short and sweet: Get a greenscreen for the background!

The couple had about 60 guests in attendance for their Zoom wedding - Greg's family even tuned in from Guam!Leslie Cole

The couple used a photo from the venue where they were supposed to be having their wedding as their background on the app. Because they didn't have a greenscreen set up behind them, they faded in and out of the background from time to time, causing some confusion (and giggles!).

We loved hearing Leslie and Greg's story and wish them the best in their marriage. Congrats to all of the Zoom couples who are bringing joy to others during such a dark time. We hope you all get to have an in-person reception and a dream honeymoon soon!
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