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Company Moves Victims Of Domestic Violence For Free

When they started getting calls from people who were clearly in danger, they jumped into action.

When brothers Aaron and Evan Steed got their first moving gigs in high school they were getting paid in pizza. Now, 23 years later, they're making some real money – and they're also saving lives.

The Steeds started Meathead Movers in 1997 to make some extra cash. After helping a friend's parents move into a new home across town, word got out and the jobs started rolling in.

As their business grew, the brothers hired on some of their friends. Today, they employee a team of 700 movers in their hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Brothers Aaron (L) and Evan (R) Steed started Meathead Movers in 1997. Meathead Movers/Facebook

Since they're all athletes, the Meatheads use their job as an excuse to get in a good workout, all while helping their clients in the fastest, most efficient way possible. The team's office is filled with workout equipment, so the employees can pump iron when they're not working.

"Basically, the job expectation at Meathead Movers is you need to be able to move heavy things, and then run to get more," Aaron told ABC-7. "And it wasn't just moving, we turned it into an athletic event."

The Meathead's corporate office has a fully stocked weight room. Meathead Movers/Facebook

Today, Meathead Movers is the largest independent moving company in California. They own a fleet of over 100 trucks and handle 18,000 moves per year.

While the company now operates as a full-fledged, for-profit business, they have made it their mission to help their community any chance they get.

That includes offering free moving services to victims of domestic violence. The Steeds began offering the service when they started their business, and they say it's much needed.

"I would get phone calls from women looking to flee their abusive relationships. I would be on the phone, talking with them, hearing their stories with their voices trembling," Aaron told CNN.

The Meathead Movers offer their services free of charge to victims of domestic abuse.Meathead Movers/Facebook

During one of the emergency moves, the brothers said the woman's husband surprised them and things got violent.

"He accused us of stealing his items. He screamed for us to put things down. A toaster oven was thrown," Steed recalled.

Despite the dangers involved, the Steeds always answer the calls and do what they need to do to get the victims and their belongings to a safe place.

Meathead Movers helped move over 60 domestic abuse survivors last year. Meathead Movers/Facebook

In 2015, the Meatheads partnered with the Marjaree Mason Center, a shelter that provides emergency and long term housing for victims of domestic violence in Fresno County.

"They moved over 60 Marjaree Mason families just last year," Nicole Linder, a representative of the center, reported. "They say that they treat them with the same respect as if they paid full price, and that kind of attitude and that kind of support is priceless," she said.

Meathead Movers mostly employees athletic college students.Meathead Movers/Facebook

The Steeds hope that other businesses will take their lead and start initiatives to help their communities.

"If you are able to find a way to express purpose, to make a change, there will be so much purpose in your life," Aaron said. "It brings way more purpose and passion to a business than just moving around some boxes."

What an inspiring story about a company using their resources to help others in a big way. The world could use a few more Meatheads!

How can you start something good?

You can learn more about Meathead Movers by visiting their website and Facebook page.

If you'd like to contribute to an organization that helps domestic abuse survivors, consider donating to Covenant House or Na'amat USA.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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