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Community Rallies to Support Man Who Nearly Lost Home

A man with special needs lost his family and fell behind on his taxes. But his neighbors came together to help support him.

It is another story of a community rallying to support one of its own, who had fallen on hard times.

Lamar Harris was at risk of losing his home in New Jersey. According to a GoFundMe, Harris has special needs. His mother and grandmother died when he was a kid. He had lived with his father and brother until they both suddenly died in 2015 and 2016 respectively .

More than a thousand people have donated more than $70,000 to help Lamar Harris save his home. Photo Credit: Terri Fretz.

Harris works cutting lawns for some of his neighbors and doing other menial tasks, but he cannot drive and he has limited reading ability and does not understand finances. His neighbor, Terri Fretz, wrote on the GoFundMe that he had fallen $50,000 behind on his taxes and was at risk of losing his home.

"This is the only life Lamar knows," Fretz wrote. "We, his neighbors, all agree he would not be able to function anywhere else. There is no place like home. Please help Lamar save his."

Well Harris' neighbors and members of his church spread the word--and within the past couple weeks he has received more than a thousand donations totaling more than $70,000. Additionally, his story got the attention of Gloucester Township, and the Mayor issued a statement saying:

" We are compiling information as to the status of not only the property, but most importantly, the status and care of Mr. Lamar Harris. The current foreclosure process is the result of a private lien holder that dates back to 2015. We will continue to research this matter to ensure the proper care of Mr. Harris. "

Donors have included comments, explaining how proud they are of the community for looking out for one another, and sharing how Harris' story hit home for them.

"I have a brother like Lamar and his story touched my heart. Don't worry Lamar, you will never be alone, we are here for you," one donor wrote.

Fretz wrote an update saying that Harris is very thankful for everybody's support, and that they have raised the money to pay off the lien on his house.

"You are all proof that kindness can make a difference in a person's life in a big way," Fretz writes, explaining that additional donations will go towards attorneys' fees, taxes and home maintenance.

If you want to support the GoFundMe for Lamar Harris, you can click here . And remember to let us know of any acts of kindness you witness in your community!

Feature photo credit: Marisa Monaco.

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