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Community 'Lights Up the Town' for 6-Year-Old with Cancer

When they found out the family wasn't able to decorate their house, they jumped into action.

It might be a little early to get out the Christmas lights, but for the folks in Bradford County, PA it's for a good reason.

Six-year-old Ariah Cook (pictured below) was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma, which is an aggressive form of brain cancer, in January. With her family busy with hospital visits, they haven't been able to deck out their house with Halloween decor like they normally do, so their neighbors stepped up to help.

After they put decorations up on their own houses, neighbors Amber Gray (pictured below, left) and Jody Davidson (pictured below, right) are now encouraging others to do the same. They're asking the community to 'Light Up the Town' and put up holiday decorations ranging from Halloween to Easter, all to make the little girl smile.

"The brighter we shine for her, the brighter her light shines forever," Gray told WNEP16-TV .

Ariah was diagnosed with brain cancer in January and the tumor in her head can't be removed. She has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy and has been in and out of the hospital for months. With everything going on, the neighbors want the family to know that they're supported.

"Just to bring happiness to our hometown small community is really what it's all about, and they know that we're here for them," Davidson said, fighting back tears.

Word of the project traveled quickly and people in the small community have been joining in and decking their houses with lights and holiday decorations. Several people have donated festive items to Ariah's neighbors to add to their displays.

"We had an Olaf donated this morning, and we have a bunny coming tomorrow. And she just told us we had to add a kitty and a doggy to it, so we will get our hands on a kitty and a dog," neighbor Jody Davidson said.

The family said that the town's efforts have definitely brightened Ariah's mood. After a 5-day hospital stay last week, people in the town had a small parade and a few fire trucks showed up to welcome her home.

"She was so happy sitting when she was in the truck. She sat and pointed at all the people standing in the road," said her grandmother, Nancy McConnell. "I sat there crying saying, 'Yeah, that's all for you, honey. That's all for you.'"

Hopefully, the lights will keep shining bright for Ariah for a long, long time.

To join in the fight to help cure childhood cancer, you can donate to the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) .

(Source: images Kids Can't Fight Cancer Alone Facebook )

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