Community Guidelines

A Brief Word About Our Community

At Sparkt, we're committed to creating a space where everyone has a voice, everyone can be heard, everyone can be seen, and everyone can make a difference.

Everyone Has a Voice

We have the opportunity – together - to create something different and better. We can build a community where people talk to each other, not past them. A place where people speak to each other the way they would want to be spoken to.

Listen, we're not naive. We know that conversations can get heated from time to time. We've seen it on so many other social media sites where too many people speak before they think and hurl insults forgetting that there's a human being on the other side of every username. Frankly we don't want that kind of environment here.

As you join a conversation on Sparkt, remember these three simple rules:

  1. Think before you type. Is what you are about to say going to be helpful? Can you make your criticism constructive? Can you say what you need to say without hurling insults or shaming or demeaning yourself and others? If the answer is "no," then put down that keyboard until you've figured out how to answer "yes".

  2. Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say to your neighbor face-to-face over a cup of coffee. Afterall, the people reading your comments just might be your next-door neighbor.

  3. Keep it PG. Best not to talk about things you wouldn't say in front of the little ones or use language you wouldn't use with your dear ol' grandma (If your grandmother swears like a drunken sailor, well, she's probably earned the right. The rest of us, not so much.

It's really that easy. We'll keep an eye on the conversation and provide feedback to help you find your real and respectful voice. If, after repeated reminders, your comments prove to be more disruptive than constructive, we reserve the right to suspend your commenting and publishing privileges. But, we really don't want to do that.

And let's be very clear: hateful, racist, abusive, or illegal content is a one-way ticket out of Sparkt. Yep, we're the block monitors and we reserve the right to send you packing.

So, let's something really radical together: Let's create the best, most constructive, most neighborly comment section in all of Internetdom! With your compliance to this simple Code of Conduct, we can.

Everyone Can Be Heard

Sparkt is a place for you to tell your story, and we can't wait to hear them, in that neighbors chatting over a fence kind of way.

Use your stories to give a shout out to a local hero, draw attention to someone in need, rally the community to support local projects, or share with others your time and talents – and maybe something of value that you no longer use.

But just like no one's particularly thrilled to find fliers stuffed in mailboxes or solicitors knocking on doors, please don't use Sparkt as an advertising vehicle for your business or your political candidacy. And just to be sure, we reserve the right to remove overtly commercial or political stories.

Everyone Can Be Seen

You would find it a little odd if your new neighbor introduced herself as SewingBea72, or if the guy down the street insisted on being called No1SteelersFan. You've got a great name, why not use it? Sparkt asks for your real name because you are a real person. And while we're sure your dog or cat is super adorable, we'd rather see a picture of you on your profile page. Using your true identity builds trust . . . and it's a great way to get to know your neighbors off line, too.

Everyone Can Make a Difference

When all is said and done, Sparkt is about neighbors putting aside what makes us different to enjoy what makes us one, great community. Sparkt is a place where neighbors celebrate neighbors and lend a helping hand where they can.

Every story on Sparkt leads to action, and at the end of the day, it's up to you what action you take. Your decision to donate goods or money, volunteer, sign a petition, or take any other action are yours alone. Sparkt does not endorse any member requests for donations of money, goods, time or service, and we'll do our level best to root out scams to keep Sparkt a safe and productive place for everyone.

So, let's do something really radical together: Let's create the best, most constructive, most neighborly comment section in all of Internetdom!

Oh, and here's the stuff our lawyers want us to say: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your use of Sparkt is subject to and governed by Sparkt's Terms of Service which may be modified from time to time by Sparkt without notice to you, and that your use of Sparkt constitutes acceptance of such Terms of Service. In the event of a conflict between these Community Guidelines and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall control.

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