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Community Funds Double-Dose Of Kindness To Help Feed Families

Thanks to the public's generosity, two local industries are getting the support they need during the crisis.

Since people have been ordered to stay indoors to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, organizations and businesses everywhere have been struggling to stay afloat.

One of them is Saint John's Program for Real Change in Sacramento, CA. Saint John's provides shelter and vital resources to homeless mothers and children who have been affected by domestic violence.

Saint John's has been providing shelter and vital services for homeless women and children for over 30 years. Saint John's Program for Real Change/Facebook

In recent weeks, the non-profit has had to cancel or postpone several of their biggest fundraising events, which has added to their money woes.

"We are the largest residential program in Sacramento that is for women and children, formerly homeless," Karen Edwards, the volunteer and community engagement manager at St. John's told KCRA.

"They depend on us for everything. For us to be able to come through for all the things they need, especially food, is very, very important."

In order to raise some much-needed funds, and get food to families at the shelter, Saint John's decided to join forces with another industry that has been hit hard by the restrictions put in place due to the virus: local food trucks.

Two local food trucks provided 500 meals for Saint John's on Saturday. Saint John's Program for Real Change/Facebook

SactoMoFo, a Sacramento-based food truck catering company, partnered with Saint John's to launch a public fundraising campaign called 'The Great Food Truck Feed.' For each $600 they raised, a food truck would sign on to deliver 100 meals to Saint John's.

"We've lost 90% of our business opportunities," Paul Somerhausen, the founder of SactoMoFo said. "We are coming up with every possible way to come up with opportunities and this is one way."

The Lumpia Truck was grateful to be part of The Great Food Truck Feed...

Thanks to the generous donations they received, SactoMofo was able to provide 500 meals to the shelter on Saturday.

"The amount of food they are bringing is going to cover us for a couple of days. So, it's truly amazing," Edwards said.

Not only did the families at the shelter get a great meal, but the food truck owners were able to work and pay their staffs to help prepare the food.

"For an event like this, there's not a lot of money involved with it, which is OK. Anything to keep us staying productive," Andrew Blaskovich, who runs one of the food trucks that participated in the event, said.

Volunteers at Saint John's helped organize meals for residents. Saint John's Program for Real Change/Facebook

Both Saint John's and SactoMoFo hope to keep the campaign running, as long as the donations keep coming in from the public.

What an awesome way to help families in need while supporting local businesses that are struggling due to the crisis. Hopefully, more organizations will take their lead and team up to #StartSomethingGood in their communities!

How can you start something good?

You can make a donation to 'The Great Food Truck Feed' by clicking here.

You can also support Saint John's directly by donating to The Red Door Campaign.

If you'd rather support organizations in your own community, check with your favorite social service agency and see if they have clients who would love a take-out meal, then pay to have one delivered from a nearby restaurant!

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