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Community Celebrates Adoption Of Boy Who Spent Half His Life In Foster Care

Over 300 people came to give him hugs and high fives on his big day.

Surrounded by friends and family, his favorite superhero and his own personal cheering squad, Nike Schwartz was having the greatest party of all time.

But it wasn't his birthday.

After spending over half of his life in foster care, the 8-year-old was officially adopted by his foster family on Monday.

The Schwartzes officially welcomed Nike to their family on 2-17-20. Buckner International

Nike was taken in by the Schwartzes four years ago, but due to legal appeals from his biological family after his parental rights were terminated, it took longer than expected for the family to officially adopt him.

"We got a call asking to take him in and we said yes and he showed up at our door at midnight on May 4, 2016," Nike's mom, Kristi Schwartz, told GMA.

Kristi and her husband David have been foster parents for 11 years and adopted a 10-year-old daughter just a year before welcoming Nike to their family. The Schwartzes also have a 17-year-old biological daughter.

Over 300 people came to Nike's adoption day. Buckner International

The couple didn't plan on fostering any more children after they adopted their daughter, but when they were contacted by the foster agency about Nike they were told that his next placement would have to be an adoptive home.

After all the young boy had been through, it was only fitting for the family to celebrate his adoption in the biggest way possible.

Kristi had t-shirts made that read, "May the Schwartz Be With You," with Nike's adoption date printed on them: 2-17-20.

The courtroom was packed with 300 of the Schwartz's family members, friends and Nike's second grade classmates. Nike's oldest sister's high school drill team even showed up to cheer him on.

Nike's favorite superhero, Batman, was also in attendance. Along with providing a bit of a sinister mood to the party, the masked partygoer posed for photos with the youngster and his friends.

But the best surprise for Nike was the gift basket he received from his beloved Dallas Cowboys, which included a football signed by all of the players.

Nike couldn't hide his excitement when he got a gift basket from his favorite sports team. Buckner International

The basket was a gift from Buckner International, a Christian, non-profit private adoption agency that worked with the family for years to make the adoption possible.

"Everyone at Buckner International is overjoyed that Nike's adoption journey is complete after four years, and he is now permanently with his forever family," Andi Harrison, the agency's program director, told Sparkt. "We were blessed to walk hand in hand with the Schwartz family during the process of adoption. Nike is loved so much, as evidenced by the 300 friends and family who came to his adoption. He truly completes the family."

Buckner International

Harrison stressed the crucial need for foster parents like the Schwartzes, especially for children who are Nike's age or older.

"There is a desperate need of homes for children who are over 8-years-old, for larger sibling groups and for children with bigger needs," Harrison said. "We are desperately looking for additional foster care parents that will not only provide short-term care but long-term care."

Judging from the grin that never left Nike's face the entire day, it's clear that he found just the right place to finally call home.

Even Nike's favorite superhero joined him on his special day. Buckner International

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the Schwartz family's incredible act of kindness?

You can find out more about fostering a child by checking out organizations like Buckner International and The National Foster Parent Association.

You can also do a google search to find a foster information session near you. The meetings are typically free and open to the public.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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