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College Student Receives Biden Award for Stopping Attack

Awards recognize students who stand up to campus sexual assault

Adrianna Branin is the type of young woman who doesn't turn her back when she sees someone who needs help. She demonstrated that with an act that has won her a 2019 Biden Courage Award.

Branin is from Philadelphia and a junior political science and religious studies double major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Last fall she was leaving an off-campus party when she happened upon six men harassing and photographing a drunk woman whose breast was exposed. She stepped in, stopping the men, covering the woman and escorting her safely home.

"I told them that if they had photos of that girl they needed to delete them ... that she was vulnerable, there was no reason to take advantage of someone like that," Branin told Philly.com .

"I've dedicated so much of my life to keeping my community safe, and to get recognized for that, I'm in awe."" -- Adrianna Branin, Biden award recipient

The Biden Courage Awards, presented by former Vice President Joe Biden's Foundation in partnership with the It's On Us initiative, celebrate students who stand up against sexual assault.

Biden founded It's On Us in 2014 to end sexual assault, and in 2016, hosted the first Courage Awards. Almost 300,000 people have signed the campaign pledge condemning sexual violence. Watch their Facebook video:

The other Biden Courage Awards recipient, Vlad Carrasco, is a senior at Rutgers University studying political science and public policy. During his junior year, Carrasco escorted a man out of a house party when he noticed him grabbing women and making them uncomfortable.

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