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Child Cancer Survivor Donates Toys to Hospital That Treated Him

When he was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he didn't hesitate to think of others.

5-year-old Weston Newswanger has been cancer-free for two years. But that hasn't stopped him from wanting to make one more trip back to the place that helped cure him.

When his family asked what he wanted for his birthday this year, his response was, "I don't need anything. I want Play-Doh and dinosaurs to give to the children at the hospital."

Weston was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer in November 2016 and was treated for a year at Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, PA. Michelle Erno, his mother's cousin, shared in a Facebook post that it was the little things he got each and every time that helped the hospital be a fun place for him even when getting chemo that would make him sick."

After Weston made his request, his family partnered with the Child Life program at the hospital to collect cans of Play-doh and packages of dinosaur and superhero toys (all items that were approved by the hospital). His mother shared Weston's birthday wish on social media and soon after, the donations came rolling in.

"When we started collecting items we set a big goal to fill up our Yukon. I wasn't sure that was going to be possible since there is a lot of room in it," Weston's mother, Amy Newswanger, told Newsweek .

Turns out, they barely had enough room in the Yukon to fit all the toys they were able to collect. Amy shared the final count of all of the donations they received on Facebook :

"Alright y'all here is the amazing breakdown. Play-doh: 1,263, Dinosaurs: 1,249, Superheroes: 71 + 16 capes. Plus some miscellaneous items."

Weston and his family delivered the donations to the hospital last week, and Amy shared photos of a grinning Weston posing with his birthday 'gift' -- stacked up boxes and crates full of over 3,000 toys for sick children at Penn State Children's Hospital.

"We dropped everything off this morning and Child Life said this year they have already given out over 3,000 containers of Play-Doh," Newswanger wrote. "Thank you so much for making Weston's birthday donation such a huge success!"

While Weston's birthday fundraiser has ended, you can donate to the Child Life program at Penn State , or you can consider contributing to the Child Life program at your local children's hospital .

(Source: images & video Amy Newswanger Facebook )

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