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Celebrities Donate, Call For Support During Australian Bushfires

From starting multi-million dollar fundraisers to volunteering at a food bank, these famous faces are giving back in a big way.

As devastating wildfires continue to burn throughout Australia, people all over the world have been pitching in to help the country recover. This includes a growing list of celebrities who have donated millions to relief efforts and are using their social media accounts to help various organizations raise money.

Aussie comedian Celeste Barber (pictured below, right) recently raised $34 million for the NSW Fire Services & Brigade after her mother-in-law, Joy Robin, was forced to evacuate her home in the country's South Coast.


She even shared a video of Robin speaking with a reporter as people were evacuating. With the eerie orange glow of the fires behind her, she got emotional when asked if she would be leaving her home as police suggested.

(Source: Celeste Barber Facebook )

Along with the video, Barber shared a few photos of Robin's home on Facebook, and you can see the smoke-filled sky outside her windows.

“This is my mother in laws house," she wrote. “It's terrifying. They are scared. They need your help. International donations can be made via the link in my bio."

You can make a donation to Barber's fundraiser by clicking here .

Another famous Aussie who is doing his part to help fight the bushfires is Chris Hemsworth. In a video posted to Twitter, the Thor star announced that his family is contributing a million dollars to the “people on the front lines" of the disaster, including firefighters, rescue crews and communities that have been hit hard by the blazes. He encouraged others to “dig deep" and contribute what they can to help the ongoing crisis in his home country.

(Source: @chrishemsworth )

Hemsworth's Instagram bio includes a list of charities for people to support to help with recovery efforts.

One celebrity who's on the ground showing her support is singer Lizzo, who was recently in the country to play a concert in Melbourne. Before her show, she stopped by Foodbank Victoria to help pack food hampers that will go to families affected by the fires.

Foodbank Australia Facebook

Lizzo posed for pictures with employees and gave a little speech to keep them encouraged as they worked. Several of the volunteers shared photos to social media, commending the star for taking the time out of her busy touring schedule to help others.

One person wrote: “Lizzo joined other volunteers who had been working tirelessly for 6 days, packing emergency supplies for those in need. Got your DNA test. Turns out you're 100% heart. #Lizzo "

Foodbank Australia Facebook

To join Lizzo in delivering clean water and fresh food to bushfire victims, click here .

While donating a million dollars is not in the cards for most of us, you can still make a difference by pitching in what you can. As Mr. Hemsworth says, “Every penny counts." You wouldn't want to disappoint the Asgardian god of thunder, would you?

Here's a good resource for organizations you can donate to , or you can contribute to any of the fundraisers mentioned in this story. Let's work together to #StartSomethingGood .

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