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Cast Of Hamilton Surprises Young Superfan With Her Own Performance

After her mom tweeted that she'd be missing seeing the show live, a TV star and his actress wife cooked up something amazing with their friend, the creator of Hamilton.

Remember what it was like as a kid to anticipate something so intensely you could barely stand it? That's how 9-year old Aubrey of Winter Haven, FL probably felt as she waited for the day she would see the Broadway smash Hamilton live in Jacksonville. So imagine this superfan's disappointment when the March 21 show was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

9-year old Aubrey was speechless as she watched Lin-Manuel Miranda, then one by one the cast of Hamilton, pop on to her Zoom conversation with actor John Krasinski.SGN/YouTube

So you might be able to understand how she felt when she got her own personal performance -- one song, anyway -- from the actual Hamilton cast, including the show's creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. It all happened thanks to actor John Krasinski of TV's The Office, and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, who performed in the musical Mary Poppins Returns with Miranda.

Krasinski's new YouTube show SGN is just in its second week.SGN/YouTube

Krasinski just launched a YouTube show called SGN (stands for Some Good News). In this week's episode (only the second), he and Blunt bring on Aubrey via Zoom. In a magical moment (it starts around 8:26 in), Miranda and then the Hamilton cast, "Zoom-bomb" the conversation. Watch:

Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 2

Turns out Aubrey's mom had tweeted Lin-Manuel Miranda to express how disappointed her daughter was about not getting to see the show.

One thing lead to another, and Krasinski, Blunt and Miranda put together the surprise performance. First Krasinski and Blunt promise to fly Aubrey and her mom to New York to see the show on Broadway once the pandemic is over, which was exciting enough. Then, to Aubrey's shock, Miranda joins the Zoom conversation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Zoom-bombs (the "photo bomb" of the coronavirus) the conversation.SGN/YouTube

Shortly after that, the cast pops on, including Anthony Ramos, Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, and Daveed Diggs, and launches into the song Alexander Hamilton, which Aubrey says is her favorite.

Aubrey (upper left) is speechless and Blunt and Krasinski look on with glee as the performance begins.SGN/YouTube

In a day and age of celebrities who seem to care only about themselves, it's great to see kindhearted folks like Blunt and Krasinski who clearly want to bring smiles and joy to others. If you only watched the Hamilton section of Krasinski's SGN show, I suggest you go back and watch all of Episode 2, and catch up on Episode 1. As the title suggests, the show is a spoofy newscast-like roundup - anchored by Krasinski - of light-hearted stories about people doing good in the world.

We're all about that at Sparkt, where it's our mission to find people doing good and making a difference!

How can you start something good?
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