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Cancer Survivors Ride Coast-2-Coast For a Cure

Their ride has ended but there are still ways for you to get involved.

Dana Vaughns knows what it's like to battle to win. He did it 10 years ago when he beat bone cancer. And he did it this summer when he rode the first leg of a nearly 3,000-mile journey in a cross-country bike ride for cancer research. The Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer ride just ended, but donations toward the cause of curing cancer are still being accepted.

Dana, left, at the start of the race in Cannon Beach, OR.

The C2C4C ride involved 109 people who work for Bristol-Myers Squibb. They volunteered for the 21 day west-to-east coast ride across America, then trained extensively, and then actually rode in one of seven regional relay teams which each covered a 450 mile stage over three days, from Oregon to New Jersey. Each rider had a personal reason for riding.

(Video courtesy Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer )

Dana not only rode his leg of the race, he was in Pittsburgh in mid-September to welcome the team riding the last leg through the Appalacians, and in Long Branch, NJ for the finish.

(Video Courtesy The V Foundation Facebook page )

Dana is originally from Uniontown, PA, southeast of Pittsburgh. "Jumping in the Atlantic with the Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer team will be symbolic of my victory over cancer for the past 10 years," said Dana.

"I never owned having cancer. I never called it 'my cancer,' and I don't have any intention of ever claiming it - only defeating it!"

The epic trek focused on raising funds and awareness in support of The V Foundation 's quest to achieve Victory Over Cancer by investing in cancer research. The foundation was founded by Jim Valvano, the legendary North Carolina State University basketball coach and commentator who died of cancer in 1993. The foundation funds cutting-edge cancer research nationwide.

The goal was to raise $1,000,000 for cancer research (Bristol-Myers Squibb will be matching all donations up to $500,000 ). As of this writing they've raised $676,000, so more is needed. Click here for a link to make a donation .

(Images: Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer Facebook page and webpage)

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