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Calling All Sweet Tooths! Why This 10-Year-Old Opened A Candy Shop In Her Driveway

Now that her state is re-opening after the coronavirus, she's gearing up for a busy summer. Wait until you see her store-on-wheels!

While businesses in Michigan are reopening after months of being closed due to the coronavirus, a 10-year-old girl in Muskegon Heights has decided to start her own venture -- and she didn't even have to leave home to do it.

Last week, I'sis Beasley opened a candy shop in her driveway, and it's quickly become the go-to spot for sweet treats in the neighborhood.

I'sis and her family made the shop out of a renovated pop-up camper that was sitting empty in their backyard. I'sis, her father, mother and twin brothers decided to turn the camper into a business that would be open during the summer months.

"There are plenty of neighborhood kids doing lemonade stands around here," I'sis told WCNC-TV. "But nobody's doing a candy store."

I'sis and her family worked for months on turning an old pop-up camper into a neighborhood candy shop. Screenshot: WCNC

The shop, called 'I'sis Candy Shop' is painted pink and purple with custom shelving and a cooler installed by I'sis' dad to hold drinks and frozen treats. There's even a cash register for I'sis to use to give people change.

The shop opened on June 1st and is currently opened Monday-Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

I'sis' father Tyrone is in charge of keeping the store well-stocked, so that usually means making multiple trips to the store each day.

"I hop on my moped and go to Walmart and Sam's Club," Tyrone said. "[While I ride back home], sometimes I have six bags on one side and six on the other."

I'sis Candy Shop is already a big hit with her neighbors in Muskegon Heights, MI. Amanda Shunta/Facebook

People in the neighborhood have been flocking to the store, and a few customers have even left extra cash to pay for those who would like to buy something but can't afford it.

"Someone donated a $20 for kids who really don't have money," I'sis said. "That way, if they want something, I can buy it for them."

To keep up with the state's social distance protocol, I'sis has marked off spots on the sidewalk that are 6 feet apart from each other so that people waiting in line can stay safe.

I'sis is making sure her customers stay safe by establishing social distance rules. Bill Spaniola/Facebook

Without a grocery store nearby and limited access to shops that sell candy, I'sis and her family are gearing up for a very busy summer.

"It's been less than two weeks and it's already been more than we could have ever expected," Tyrone said. "The support has been overwhelming."

I'sis' dad Tyrone is in charge of keeping the shop well-stocked. Screenshot: WCNC

How can you start something good?

I'sis Candy Shop is located at 3319 Highland St. in Muskegon Heights, MI.

If you're not close enough to stop by for a sweet treat, you can make a donation by emailing her mother Keosha:

You can also contribute via the Cash App to $KeoshaAldridge

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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