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See How Non-Profit Plans To Come Back 'Stronger Than Ever' After Devastating Fire Sparked by Protests

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of their community, they're on track to quickly rebuild and continue their mission.

Even during times of crisis, people are coming together in amazing ways.

Over the weekend, a non-profit in Oklahoma, dedicated to helping others, was destroyed by a fire following protests over the death of George Floyd. Dress For Success, helps low income and at-risk women dress for job interviews and other professional events.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. But the building that housed the Oklahoma City branch of Dress For Success was badly damaged. The organization lost multiple racks of clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses meant for women re-entering the workforce, and a suite of computers, which the group used to help women with their resum├ęs and job searches.

Dress For Success' Oklahoma City chapter lost all of their clothing donations in a fire that took place during local protests. GoFundMe

Sparkt has done several stories about the Pittsburgh chapter of Dress For Success, so we know how vital a resource the organization is for women trying to get back on their feet.

The Oklahoma City chapter shared the news of the fire in a Facebook post, where they encouraged their fans to not let the incident "fuel hateful narratives" in the city.

"We feel your pain on so many levels and standing outside our damaged office, we can see it too," DFS wrote.

The post included a link to a GoFundMe page, set up to collect donations from the public to help with the costs of rebuilding. Thousands of people shared and liked the post, and after two days, DFS raised over $60,000 from individual contributions.

"Help support this great organization! I believe they will be bigger and better than they were before," Shiela Brown Terrel commented after making a $90 donation.

The organization admitted that "tears have been shed" over the damage from the fire. GoFundMe

"Happy to help support an organization that helps build a community up!" Julie P. wrote after pitching in $20.

DFS is also asking for donations of computers and a whole new collection of new and gently used professional office attire once they find a new location.

After the organization started a fundraiser to help them with the costs of rebuilding, the donations started pouring in. GoFundMe

"We are so overwhelmed with the love and support we are receiving from our community," the DFS Oklahoma City team wrote in a follow-up post. "We cannot take any clothing donations at this time. If you have the resources to do so, please donate what you can."

Thanks to the support of their community, it sounds like Dress For Success Oklahoma City will be back in business in no time. We hope that others will be inspired to step up and help businesses in their own communities to rebuild.

DFS assured the community that they will come back 'stronger than ever.' GoFundMe

How can you start something good?

Dress For Success is a worldwide organization. To make a donation to the Oklahoma City chapter, click here. To find and support the DFS affiliate nearest you, click here.

You can also help businesses in your own town that might have been lost or damaged during the protests. Check out social media, or search for active fundraisers in your community on GoFundMe.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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