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He's Helping Save A Neighborhood Icon And Supporting Doctors And Nurses Too

We love it when one act of kindness turns into two! How you can help keep it going.

Nesbit's Lanes is a beloved gathering place in Plum Boro, PA just east of Pittsburgh. While you can't bowl a game on their alleys right now because of the coronavirus shutdown, you can order takeout from their snack bar, which gave a bowling fan the idea to do a double act of kindness.

Nesbit's alleys may be empty, but their snack bar is still open for takeout.KDKA-TV

Greg Ising has bowled at Nesbit's for years. He wanted to make sure they come out OK on the other side of COVID-19. He also wanted to make sure local front line workers, doctors, nurses, health care workers are well-fed and know that they're supported.

Greg is an avid bowler who has bowled at Nesbit's most of his life.Greg Ising (via KDKA)

So Ising started a GoFundMe campaign to buy meals from Nesbit's, and donate them to local hospitals. His goal: $1000, which would pay for the meals, including two slices of pizza, a cookie and a bottle of soda to drink. Knowing the generosity of the community, no one was surprised when Ising exceeded his goal -- or that he's determined to keep going and continue to buy and donate meals as long as long as the donations keep coming in.

The fact that this was a double-good deed isn't lost on anyone. "I was just trying to help the health care workers, as well as helping a local business," Ising told KDKA-TV. "It just took off and I was amazed."

"It was a great idea," said bowling alley manager Anthony Tierno. "It helped us and it helped the front line workers, which was definitely awesome." Tierno says a lot of their regular league bowlers have donated to keep the place going until the quarantine is over. Even Oakmont Country Club, where Ising works, gave $100.

Ising says the hospital workers were grateful for the food and knowing that the community cares.Greg Ising (via KDKA)

Ising's first delivery was 125 meals for the staff at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's UPMC East, and Allegheny Health Network's Forbes Hospital, both in nearby Monroeville.

"They were all appreciative," Isling told KDKA. "They loved it. They kept thanking us."

Double thumbs up to Greg Isling and the fans of Nesbit's! At Sparkt we love making a difference, and when you can double dip your kindness, that's twice as great.

How can you start something good?

If you'd like to get involved in the effort, click here to join the GoFundMe campaign.

Maybe you'd like to help front line workers and first responders in your own community? There's nothing stopping you from setting up your own GoFundMe like Greg did. Or you could simply order up pizzas, sandwiches, or full meals for folks at your local hospital, nursing home, fire station, police or fire department (here's our story about how a neighborhood Chamber of Commerce did it). Just check with them first just to work out the logistics!

We know you'll #StartSomethingGood for the front line workers, and for the small restaurants who will appreciate the additional busines during this challenging time.

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