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Boy Stuck In Hospital Asks For Holiday Cards

He has to spend his favorite holiday at the hospital this year - how you can help cheer him up!

There's nothing worse than being stuck in the hospital during the holidays. Carlos Rohan knows this all too well. The 6-year-old has been at Boston Children's Hospital for the last 95+ days as he waits for a heart transplant surgery to save his life.

Carlos was born with a rare condition called unbalanced atrioventricular, which caused a large defect in the center of his heart. He's had two open heart surgeries before he was 2 years old, and after he got sick in August, doctors said he had to stay in the hospital until he receives a new heart.

To distract him from the long days spent in a hospital bed, Carlos and his mom, Sheena Cossette, have put out a call for holiday cards to decorate the boy's room and help bring him some much-needed holiday cheer.

"He sees a lot of the kids come and go, and he's starting to question when he's going to get to go, and we tell him when he gets a new heart," Cossette told Boston 25 News . "But with the holidays coming, we're trying to make it as best as we can here."

Cossette posted a video to Facebook of Carlos asking people to send him holiday cards to put up in his room.

While they haven't secured a heart for Carlos yet, Cossette (pictured below with her son) is hoping for a Christmas miracle, although sadly, in order for Carlos to get a transplant, that would mean another child would pass away, a sentiment that is not lost on Cossette.

"If I had a message to send to anyone, I couldn't imagine being on the other end," she said. "But just know overall if you did want to donate, you would be saving someone else\s life, and parents like me who are waiting, that would be one of the greatest gifts you could give."

You can send cards to Carlos at the following address:

Boston Children's Hospital

Cardiac Unit 8 East

c/o Carlos Rolon

300 Longwood Ave.

Boston, MA 02115

(Source: images & video Sheena Cossette Facebook )

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