Bob Reminds Us It's Not Always Easy Helping People, But We're Not Giving Up

See what happens when we return for a 4th day, trying to help Bob before the city sweeps his belongings away

Folks, this definitely is not an easy process. It would be amazing if we could just swoop in and take Bob off the streets and give him a new place to start over.

We actually have the resources and the ability to do that, but this man doesn't make it that easy.

See how Get Marty is taking action to get Bob off the streets and in a better place.

It's part mental illness, part stubbornness, and part pride keeping him from getting the help he truly needs. That doesn't mean we're giving up.

This is what happened when we returned again for a 4th day, talking to Bob and hoping he'll accept even a glimmer of the help we're offering.

Attorney Bruce Gelman is trying to help Bob get access to government benefits, but Bob isn't making it easy.

Again, there is hope. You can see that Bob is engaging a lot more than he was during our first few encounters. He's a little paranoid about the police, but you can expect that after 19 years on the streets.


There was another sign that he may accept a little help. (Watch at 4:20 in the video above)

While we were recording, a lovely young lady came up with a bag containing a few items for Bob. It's truly heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.


We've managed to reach some of Bob's family members who haven't seen him in more than a decade. We'll talk to them next.

Will they be the key to getting Bob to open up? We shall see.


We're Here To Help Bob, But Will He Accept It In Time?

We promised to return with a lawyer to help, and this is what happened next...

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