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They Can't Be Stopped: Twins Lemonade Stand Thrives Even After Someone Questions Their "Permit"

The parents did what they needed to do to make things official, and since people found out about it, business is booming!

You know the saying, "when life gives you lemons..." use them to start a thriving local business!

Well, that might not be exactly how it goes, but that's just what seven-year-old twin sisters Kamari and Kamera Young did when they got some pushback after starting a lemonade stand in Savannah, GA.

When a woman commented that she doubted the girls had a permit for their stand, the twins' parents got online and made sure to file the necessary paperwork and re-branded the business so the girls could continue to sell their "Twin-Monade" without any legal hiccups.

"We got the name because they are twins and then they said they wanted to sell lemonade so we just put it all together for twin-monade," Charnise Anderson, the twins' mom, told WTOC-TV.

Now, the Twin-Monade stand is one of the hottest attractions in town, with folks standing in line for almost an hour to get an icy, home-brewed refreshment.

On Juneteenth, the Twin-Monade stand had a line all day long. @WSAVTinaTS

With unique flavors like Coconut and Cola, it might not be an easy choice to make for some, but the mini-CEOs are quick to recommend their favorites: "Sour Punch and blue raspberry mixed- sour punch mixed up with red raspberry."

On Juneteenth, the June 19th holiday that celebrates freedom from slavery in the United States, Kamari and Kamera worked non-stop to serve a steady flow of customers who were eager to show their support for a new black-owned business in their community.

Charnise Anderson, the twins' mom, helps to prepare over half a dozen flavors of lemonade for the stand. TwinMonade Anderson/Facebook

"We were talking today about it being Juneteenth and ways to support black businesses so we thought this was the business that we wanted to make sure we supported today," customers Shannon and Aimee Baxter said when they stopped by the stand.

"The fact that their parents didn't let them get shutdown and they just continued to encourage them that much. I think it's really important, an important message to send for them for their future," Melyssa Amann, another repeat customer, said.

The stand is already a huge hit in the community, and they're poised to grow the business even more! TwinMonade Anderson/Facebook

While the twins' parents never thought the business would grow as quickly as it did, they're just happy to see such a positive response from the community.

"It's really great and we're just looking to just push it forward," Charnise said.

What an inspiring story of two young entrepreneurs whose family encouraged them to succeed, even when others doubted them. We hope the Twin-Monade stand is busy all summer long!

The sky's the limit for these dedicated and determined twin entrepreneurs ! Nancy Fullbright/Facebook

How can you start something good?

If you're in the Savannah area, you can visit the Twin-Monade stand locatd at the 2000th block of Skidaway Road every Tuesday – Saturday beginning at 1:00 pm.

If you're not local and still want to support, you can send a donation to Kamari and Kamera via Venmo: @Twin--Monade or on the Cash App: $Twinmonadetwins

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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