Bill Murray And Guy Fieri Team Up For Epic Nacho Throwdown

These celebs are showing off their culinary skills while helping to raise money for restaurant relief.

What happens when you get Guy Fieri, Bill Murray and Shaquille O'Neal together for the same event? A whole lot of nachos, apparently.

The three celebrities, and a few others, are teaming up for "Nacho Average Showdown" to help raise money for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF).

The Nacho Average Showdown will take place on Friday, May 15th. @GuyFieri

The RERF was started by Fieri along with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to help raise money for out-of-work restaurant workers.

"With 8 million restaurant workers unemployed due to COVID-19, the event will provide some laughs and raise much needed funds for America's restaurant workers facing financial hardship," reads a press release for the event.

The event will have Fieri and his son Hunter facing off with Murray and his son Homer (who apparently is a really good cook) to see who makes the best nacho platter. Food Network star Carla Hall is set to host the event, with O'Neal and actor Terry Crews filling in as judges.

The two stars shared details about the event and started their smack-talk on a recent episode of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' where they walked the talk show host through how to make classic homemade nachos. (Check out the clip from the Fallon show here.)

Fieri and Murray walked Jimmy Fallon through making homemade nachos on an episode of his talk show. YouTube

The event will take place live on the Food Network's Facebook page, and will encourage donations and raise awareness for RERF.

"I know it's crazy, but we did it on Jimmy Fallon the other night and had a blast," Fieri said in a video promoting the event. "You're gonna dig it."

Fieri, who's best-known as the spiky-haired, flame-shirt wearing chef and host of the Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,' has already helped to raise over $20 million for the RERF and has given away 40,000 grants to out-of-work employees.

"My entire career has been in the restaurant business," Fieri said. "I've also spent the better part of the last 15 years traveling this great country meeting other folks who've dedicated their lives to this business, and let me tell you something, they are the hardest working, most real deal workers you've ever met. But they need our help and with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, we can serve up some support when these restaurant employees need it most."

Fieri might seem to have the advantage, since he's a famous professional chef and all, and the self-described Mayor of Flavortown's "Trash Can Nachos" caused quite the taste debate on Twitter.

Fieri has flexed his nacho-making skills before when he debuted his famous "trash can nachos." Guy Fieri's Smokehouse/Facebook

May the best snacker win.

The 'Nacho Average Showdown' event will take place on Friday, May 15th at 5:00 pm EST. Just head to the Food Network's Facebook page to watch.

How can you start something good?

If you aren't able to tune in to the Nacho Average Showdown, you can still contribute to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund by clicking here.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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