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Bikers Support Girl's Lemonade Stand to Show Thanks for Mother's Kindness

After the girl's mother helped them out in a big way, they wanted to return the favor.

It's not every day that you see a large group of bikers lined up at a little girl's lemonade stand.

That's exactly what took place last weekend when Daryn Sturch's daughter, Bryanne, set up her stand along the road in Chili, IN.

The bikers are part of the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group of Kokomo, and they wanted to stop by and support Bryanne's stand as a way to say thanks to her mother.

Daryn is a nurse, and last year she helped some of the bikers when she came upon a motorcycle crash on the highway near Denver, IN. The wreck involved multiple motorcycles, and some riders had to be airlifted out. Daryn sat with some of the bikers who had severe injuries and tended to them until the paramedics arrived. Thankfully, all of the bikers survived.

"I stayed with them and did the best I could to triage them and keep them awake and calm," she told Yahoo Lifestyle .

The bikers wanted to repay her kindness, so they reached out to her to see what they could do. When she told them that her daughter would be holding a lemonade stand to raise money for new equipment for her horses, they wanted to show their support.

Daryn shared videos and photos of the sweet moment to Facebook, explaining how overwhelming it was to be reunited with some of the people she helped the year before. She exchanged hugs and high fives with the bikers as they sipped lemonade and made promises to keep in touch.

She hopes that people who hear this story will view it as more than just a random act of kindness.

"My big takeaway is that I really want people to step back and understand that we can look differently, talk differently, dress differently, have different interests, but just because we are 'different' doesn't mean that we don't share the same core values," Daryn told Fox News.

"It's about respect, love, kindness, and the desire to serve others." - Daryn Sturch

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