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Best Buy Employees Perform 'Surgery' on Boy's Toy Dinosaur

Best Buy employees performed emergency "surgery" on a boy's toy dinosaur.

Best Buy employees performed emergency "surgery" on a boy's toy dinosaur. Niah Negron says her son was heartbroken when the head fell off his favorite toy. She posted about the touching story on Facebook.

Niah wrote that three-year-old Jordan carries the dinosaur everywhere and that it stays in his hand or is tucked in his shirt at all times. It was a Christmas present. She says Jordan just sat there with a sad look on his face when the dinosaur's head fell off one day. Even though Niah was able to find the identical toy online at Best Buy, like most kids, Jordan wouldn't accept a replacement. He wanted his "baby" back.

Faced with a pretty serious dilemma, Niah came up with a plan. She took her son to a Best Buy store and explained the emergency situation to the workers. "We are here for a very delicate matter. You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur," Niah said to the employees. Fortunately, the workers played along.

Employees Stephanie and Tina rushed the baby dino into surgery. In reality, they were swapping out the broken toy with a new one. The employees made sure to explain each step to Jordan. It was all happening outside of his vision. "They pulled off this elaborate hoax with bright smiles and quick action," Niah wrote on Facebook .

If the dino gets broken again, the "dinosaur doctors" have a plan. They pulled the only other matching dinosaur so they have an emergency backup just in case the boy needs to bring "his baby" back for another surgery.

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