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Beautiful To Watch! Girl Uses Her Skating Skill To Send An Important Message​

Her impromptu skate on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., is capturing hearts and minds around the world.

Kaitlyn Saunders is a talented young figure skater. She's also a deep thinker who isn't about to keep her insights to herself as she demonstrated through an online performance that's inspiring people around the world.

Kaitlyn, who is 9-years old, and her mom Katrice, went to the area of 16th Street NW in Washington D.C., now known as "Black Lives Matter Plaza," so that Kaitlyn could skate a routine there.

They planned to be there early in the morning, before the daily crowd of protesters showed up. Kaitlyn, off-ice, figure skated with in-line skates, and made up a routine on the spot to Andra Day's anthem "Rise Up." The family had someone videotape the moment and the Saunders posted it to Kaitlyn's The Skate Kid Instagram and on YouTube.

The video took off, with millions of views so far. And no wonder. The beauty of this young girl in her cheerful yellow costume pulling off graceful jumps and turns on a city street is mesmerizing.

Kaitlyn went early in the morning so she could skate through the entire plaza without protesters in her way.The Skate Kid/YouTube

"It was just amazing that I could skate at a place that's historic, where thousands of people protested and tried to change the world," she told NBC4 when she returned to the spot, after her video went viral.

The District allowed part of 16th Street NW to be painted with a huge mural of the words "Black Lives Matter" on June 5, while protests spurred by the killing of George Floyd ramped up near the White House.

Kaitlyn and her mom Katrice. Kaitlyn uses yoga to build strength and flexibility, and stay shape for her skating.The Skate Kid/Instagram

Katrice Saunders says she brought her daughter there for the thrill of figure skating at the historic spot, never imagining the impact Kaitlyn's performance would have. "It's wonderful to see all the hearts touched,"

The obvious question after watching her skate: does Kaitlyn have Olympic dreams? The answer is "yes." "She can do it. She has all the talent," her coach Joel Savary told NBC4. Savary founded the organization Diversify Ice Foundation to give diverse young skaters like Kaitlyn have the opportunity to get on the ice.

Kaitlyn with her skating coach Joel Savary, founder of Diversity Ice.The Skate Kid/Instagram

For now, everyone's still marveling at the impact this one girl has had on people through a simple act of creativity Kaitlyn's pretty floored too. "I think it's amazing how people can change the world by doing such little things like making a skating routine."

How can you start something good?

We're sure this isn't the last we've heard from Kaitlyn Saunders! You can follow Kaitlyn's skating progress on Instagram: @the.skate.kid.

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