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Artist Asks Community to Help Paint Mural Honoring Mac Miller

You can be part of an art project that will live forever.

It's not often that you're able to paint on public property without getting in some kind of trouble. That's why you should head over to East Liberty this weekend to take part in the creation of a new mural by artist Kyle Holbrook.

Holbrook is working on expanding the "We Fall Down but We Get Back Up" mural that features portraits of well-known East Liberty residents, and this time he's adding a face that's recognizable beyond the East End of Pittsburgh.

The "We Fall Down but We Get Back Up" mural in East Liberty.

Holbrook met Malcolm McCormick when he was looking for young people to help with a public art project he was doing with his foundation, the Moving Lives of Kids Community Mural Project ( MLK Mural ). McCormick, more famously known as hip hop artist Mac Miller, joined Holbrook's crew and helped to create murals and do music and art performances with him all over the city.

A scale rendering of what the finished mural will look like with Mac Miller's portrait.

Now, almost a year after McCormick's passing, Holbrook is honoring his friend and fellow collaborator by adding his portrait to the mural in East Liberty. And he is inviting the community to take part in the process. He'll provide the paint and brushes, and people can come by and add their name or any other unique design or message to the base layer of the portrait.

"We always start with the same color," he told Sparkt. "Funny enough, it's called Kid Stuff Orange."

He says the orange color makes every other color painted over it seem brighter, and it draws attention to the subject.

Holbrook, who's originally from Wilkinsburg (a neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh), has done murals with MLK all over the world, and he's passionate about getting the community involved in his projects.

"It's amazing how people work together when they have the opportunity to," he said. "A lot of times they don't have the opportunity to."

"When people have the opportunity to engage with each other, they take advantage of it." - Kyle Holbrook

Holbrook will be at the mural site at 250 Paulson Avenue in East Liberty every day until Wednesday, September 4. People are invited to come by anytime between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to contribute to the mural.

There are many ways to get involved in the MLK Mural project including donating , becoming a volunteer or participating as a youth or artist .

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