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April Fool's Day Jokes Get Sophisticated & Harder to See Through

Some of these foolish fakes are actually not bad ideas!

April Fools Day is a day to, well, fool someone. In this era of viral social media, lots of brands have gotten in on the action, posting fake news, prank products, and other info on line that just isn't true. Problem is, while most are obvious, others are kinda real looking and some are actually good ideas!

McDonalds McPickle Burger & Shake Flavored Dipping Sauces . C-net says McDonalds had two April Fools pranks. One in Australia used Instagram (above) to introduce the new McPickle Burger. Some people actually asked where they could get one.

In the U.S. McDonald's took to Facebook to announce the new McDonald's shake sauce, with a video showing people dipping fries and McNuggets into single-serve containers of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and shamrock shake-colored liquid. A lot of people commented that they already dip fries in their McFlurry, so we ask why not? McD's even made a video:

Tom Brady Announces His Retirement . Steelers fans would be happy about this one if true. Fox News says the "retirement announcement" was Brady's first-ever tweet, and received more than 10,000 retweets and more than 20,000 likes in its first hour. It was soon followed by a second tweet letting everyone know it was a joke.

T-Mobile Launches Mobile-Phone Phone Booth . They actually started the joke on Friday with the Phone BoothE, a supposedly soundproof booth that helps cell phone users have a quiet conversation on a busy street. They followed that up today with the MobileEditionE (MEE), a portable version. The professionally produced "commercial" for the product (click here ) is hilarious: "You know it's real because we tacked an E on the end of the name!"

Uber to Launch Fleet of Dog-Driven Cars . So says Good News Network . If you can have self driving cars why not not a canine driven fleet? The story looks almost legit until you get to the part about cats being rejected as possible drivers.

Justin Bieber's Having a Baby?! The entertainer pranked fans by posting a fake sonogram on his Instagram account, trying to trick them into thinking his wife Hailey Baldwin is pregnant, says NME .

C-net has an exhaustive collection of on-line April Fools Day products (Logitech rebranding their computer mouse a hamster?), including one that feels like a joke but is not. Click here to enjoy them all!

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