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Airline Hand Delivers Missing Doll To Toddler

Wait until you hear the sweet way this very special doll was returned to her, and what the airline was willing to do if it wasn't found.

As the mother of a toddler, I know how traumatic it can be when a child loses their favorite toy – and not just for the kid!

For instance, if my daughter can't find her stuffed seagull before she goes to bed, there will be no sleeping – only tears (both hers and mine).

So, when Arielle Britton posted to social media for help finding her daughter Kenley's lost "Daddy Doll," I could feel her pain.

Especially since the Daddy Doll isn't just any doll. The plush doll has a photo of Kenley's father printed on it and is meant to comfort her when he's away. He's currently employed in the U.S. military, and the doll even has a button that when pressed Kenley can hear the sound of his voice.

Read more about the mission of Daddy Dolls: 'Daddy Dolls' Help Military Families Cope With Family Separation

Britton and her daughter Kenley had just returned to their home in Georgia from a Delta flight from Hartford, CT when they noticed the doll was missing. Britton quickly took to social media to share photos of the doll and ask for help finding it.

The post was shared over 4,000 times and Delta employees chimed in to say they would do their best to help locate the doll.

Just a day later, the airline reached out and let Britton know they had found the doll at the Atlanta airport.


The airline didn't want to risk sending the doll in the mail, so they arranged to meet Britton and Kenley at the Savannah airport to deliver the precious toy in person.

A grinning Kenley hugged the doll close to her chest when Valeria Zamora and Sheila Jones, two Red Coats who work with Delta, handed it over to her.

"We were just thankful and blessed to see how everybody came together," Britton told WTOC-TV. "Especially in this day and age, social media can be used for such terrible things and everybody used it for good."


Britton found out later that Delta had a plan in place to send her husband a recorder overseas to replace the doll if the missing one could not be found. Another stranger took it a step further and ordered a replacement doll for Kenley.

While Kenley isn't yet old enough to understand what happened, it will be a story that she'll remember forever.

As for Britton, she's thankful for the effort Delta put in to return the doll to her daughter – and she's even more grateful that she'll be getting a good night's sleep once again.

"Last night was the first night since we've been home that I didn't have to go in and put her back to sleep in the middle of the night," Britton told CNN on Sunday. "Delta went above and beyond what was necessary."

Delta returned the doll, along with some airline swag, to the family on Sunday. @BrittonArielle

It's not often that you see such an amazing act of kindness from a large corporation. Kudos to Delta for making sure even their youngest customers are taken care of.

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